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ConveGenius Founders ConveGenius Founders
BUSINESS1 day ago

Jairaj Bhattacharya, Arnav Pyasi, Shikhar Gupta, and Shashank Pandey The Pioneers of Edtech Common Sense

In the realm of India’s booming edtech industry, where the chase for funds and rapid expansion often takes center stage,...

Kaushal Shetty Founders Nostos Homes Kaushal Shetty Founders Nostos Homes
Entrepreneurs1 day ago

Kaushal Shetty Transforming Lives with Nostos Homes

In a world where innovation is often synonymous with profit, Kaushal Shetty stands out as a beacon of hope. At...

Avinash Sable steeplechase athlete Avinash Sable steeplechase athlete
Sports1 day ago

Avinash Sable Defying Odds on the Track to Glory

In the world of track and field athletics, where every fraction of a second counts, Avinash Sable is a name...

Genrobotics Co-Founders Genrobotics Co-Founders
Entrepreneurs1 day ago

Genrobotics Revolutionizing Cleaning and Rehabilitation with Robotics

In the heart of India’s bustling tech landscape, where innovation thrives and new frontiers are explored, a group of visionary...

Ambika Nayak Ambika Nayak
ARTIST1 day ago

Ambika Nayak (aka Kayan) The Rhythmic Journey from Mumbai to the World Stage

In the vibrant world of music, where talent knows no bounds, one name has been steadily making waves and captivating...

Siva Teja Kakileti Siva Teja Kakileti
Entrepreneurs2 days ago

Siva Teja Kakileti Pioneering Early Detection of Breast Cancer with Machine Learning

In the fight against breast cancer, early detection can be a game-changer, potentially saving lives and improving outcomes for countless...

Pulkit Baldev Pulkit Baldev
Entrepreneurs2 days ago

Pulkit Baldev Revolutionizing the Iron and Steel Industry Through Technology

In a world where technology is transforming industries, Pulkit Baldev, at the age of 28, is making significant strides in...

Co-Founders Loop Co-Founders Loop
Entrepreneurs2 days ago

Mayank Kale and Amrit Singh Revolutionizing Healthcare with Loop

In a world where healthcare is often fragmented and complicated, Mayank Kale and Amrit Singh, both aged 27, are on...

Anuv Jain Anuv Jain
ARTIST2 days ago

Anuv Jain The Rising Star of Indian Music

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Indian music industry, where trends come and go, Anuv Jain has emerged as a...

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