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Ratna Vishwanathan Ratna Vishwanathan
BUSINESS4 mins ago

Founder and CEO of Reach to Teach, Ratna Vishwanathan

Ratna Vishwanathan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reach to Teach, an organization with a social impact seeking...

Srishti Sharma Srishti Sharma
Entrepreneurs6 mins ago

A Social Entrepreneur by Heart and the founder of Shakti, Srishti Sharma

Srishti Sharma is a serial entrepreneur, social activist, angel investor, public speaker, business consultant, startup coach, and business influencer. She...

Prachi Kaushik Prachi Kaushik
BUSINESS11 mins ago

Social Activist Dedicating her Life for Women Development with VYOMINI, Prachi Kaushik

Prachi Kaushik is the founder of Vyomini Social Organization, a non-profit organization, to solve social, economic, and environmental issues. VYOMINI...

Sanjay Kumar Garg Sanjay Kumar Garg
BUSINESS27 mins ago

Providing clean water to everyone with Aryav AWG, Sanjay Kumar Garg

Sanjay Kumar Garg the founder of Aryav AWG, a company which aims to offer everyone safe, clean, mineral-rich, and alkaline...

Suhani Dhadphale Suhani Dhadphale
Entrepreneurs31 mins ago

Founder and Director of Sangam India, Suhani Dhadphale

Suhani Dhadphale is the founder, and director at Sangam India, which is a creative Startup, a budding Art Industry, a...

Entrepreneurs4 days ago

Founder of WRA Global, Alkansh Pandey

Alkansh Pandey is the founder of WRA Global, a commercial real estate services, management consulting, and investment company with its...

Varun Raheja Varun Raheja
BUSINESS4 days ago

A Social Entrepreneur by Heart and the founder of Raheja Solar Food Processing Pvt Ltd, Varun Raheja

Varun Raheja is the founder of Raheja Solar Food Processing Pvt Ltd, a social venture founded by, offers farmers the...

Pallabi Ghosh Pallabi Ghosh
BUSINESS4 days ago

Impacting Lives With Impact and Dialogue Foundation, Pallabi Ghosh

Pallabi Ghosh is the founder and director of Impact and Dialogue Foundation which is a group that has educated and...

Sharmin Ali Sharmin Ali
Entrepreneurs4 days ago

Getting Emotions turned into Words with Instoried, Sharmin Ali

Sharmin Ali is the CEO and founder of Instoried which is an augmented writing platform that improves customer interest and...

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