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Dr. Sanchit Sharma Dr. Sanchit Sharma
BUSINESS4 days ago

Founder of the Famous Ayurveda Startup Ayuthoveda, Dr. Sanchit Sharma

While the Coronavirus epidemic has wreaked havoc on countries all over the world, it has also pulled people closer to...

Suman Sukumar Suman Sukumar
BUSINESS4 days ago

Living his Passion with Knowhere Travel, Suman Sukumar

Suman Sukumar is the founder of Knowhere Travel, a company that creates and facilitates authentic, ethical, and conscious travels around...

Raghunandan G Raghunandan G
BUSINESS4 days ago

Raghunandan G Making Banking System Borderless With Zolve

Raghunandan G is the creator of Zolve, a cross-border digital banking startup with the goal of creating a financial world...

Sibashish Mishra Sibashish Mishra
BUSINESS4 days ago

Founder Of BookingJini, Sibashish Mishra

Sibasish Mishra is the founder of BookingJini, which is a Shopify type of platform that allows hotels to create unique...

Ankit Shah Ankit Shah
BUSINESS4 days ago

Ankit Shah’s IAMIN World is something to lookup for in Ed-tech Field

IAMIN World, a Mumbai-based ed-tech business, is focusing on instilling one critical life skill in children and teenagers, financial literacy....

Manish kumar jha Manish kumar jha
Entrepreneurs4 days ago

Delhi Entrepreneur Manish Kumar Jha is Ready to take-off

While talking about Social media platform managing it is quite impossible to forget the name Manish Kumar Jha, He is...

Smaranika Mohapatra Smaranika Mohapatra
ARTIST7 days ago

Promoting Handicrafts With Maavni Designs, Smaranika Mohapatra

Smaranika Mohapatra is a freelance artist and the founder of the famous Maavni Designs, an Odisha-based company known for its...

Radhika Nichani Radhika Nichani
INFLUENCER7 days ago

Architect and a nature lover who founded Farm Aura, Radhika Nichani

Radhika Nichani is the creator of Farm Aura, a Bengaluru-based boutique dairy firm that sells dairy products using cruelty-free dairy...

Najeeb Bin Haneef Najeeb Bin Haneef
BUSINESS7 days ago

The Success Story of Najeeb Bin Haneef and his startup Zaara Biotech

Najeeb Bin Haneef is the founder and CEO of Zaara Biotech, a Thrissur-based firm that is working to develop microalgae-based...

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