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Sonzal Publisher Sonzal Publisher
INFLUENCER12 hours ago

Meet “Sonzal Publisher” and “kinderLot Tech’s” CEO Hashim Tariq Bhat the name behind many successful ventures

Hasim Tariq Bhat India’s perhaps of the most youthful photographic artist. For more than long stretches of involvement with photography,...

LIFESTYLE14 hours ago

What Advantages Does Using Postcards for Just-Sold Listings Offer?

Postcards are a great way to reach potential customers and market a business. People can use them to announce the...


Meet Scammer Garrett A. Perchetti – American Research Scientist

While the web has associated us with more data than any other time, the present computerized age has made it...

Pranshu Bhandari Pranshu Bhandari
BUSINESS7 days ago

The Mastermind Behind the Hello English App, Pranshu Bhandari

Pranshu Bhandari is the co-founder of CultureAlley, which developed a Hello English mobile application, which enables users of 16 different...

Sairee Chahal Sairee Chahal
BUSINESS7 days ago

Entrepreneur for Women’s Interest and the leader of Mahila Money and SHEROES, Sairee Chahal

Sairee Chahal is a board member, mother, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and advocate for women’s internet. She presently leads Mahila...

Suchita Salwan Suchita Salwan
Entrepreneurs7 days ago

Founder of Little Black Book (LLB), Suchita Salwan

Suchita Salwan is the founder of Little Black Book (LBB), a community-driven online platform with over 4.5 million monthly active...

Vishal Yadav Vishal Yadav
Entrepreneurs7 days ago

Spreading the awareness in Women Cricket through Female Cricket, Vishal Yadav

Vishal Yadav is the founder and chief executive officer of Female Cricket. The goal of the campaign Female Cricket is...

Sakshi Talwar Sakshi Talwar
BUSINESS7 days ago

The Main Power Behind the Success of Rugs and Beyond, Sakshi Talwar

Sakshi Talwar is the co-founder of Rugs and Beyond which is an online business that sells unique, handcrafted carpets and...

Himanshu Arora Himanshu Arora
Entrepreneurs1 week ago

The Man Behind the Success of Social Panga and The Yellow Shutter, Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora is the co-founder of Social Panga and The Yellow Shutter. He has more than 16 years of experience...

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