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Smart Lighting in Your New House Smart Lighting in Your New House
Tech8 hours ago

Smart Lighting in Your New House – Positive outcomes to reap

Flipping a light switch might sound like an easy task, and it is! However, what about a simple upgrade to...

Frank Noppel Frank Noppel
Entrepreneurs11 hours ago

A Passionate Flyer and Founder of Blueflite, Frank Noppel

Frank Noppel is the founder and CEO of Blueflite, a drone-based logistics platform that makes deliveries faster and more cost-effective....

Paul Powers Paul Powers
Entrepreneurs11 hours ago

Famous TEDx Speaker and Founder Of Physna, Paul Powers

Paul Powers is the Founder and CEO of Physna which is an Enterprise SaaS Platform that lets businesses unlock the...

Tarek Kamil Tarek Kamil
BUSINESS11 hours ago

CEO and Founder of Cerkl, Tarek Kamil

Tarek Kamil is the CEO and Founder of Cerkl which is dedicated to delivering forward-thinking solutions that specifically meet your...

Sourjyendu Medda Sourjyendu Medda
Entrepreneurs11 hours ago

Founder and CCO of DealShare, Sourjyendu Medda

Sourjyendu Medda is the Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of DealShare, a social e-commerce firm that provides an online shopping...

Sam Santhosh Sam Santhosh
Entrepreneurs11 hours ago

A Software Guy Turned Into BioTech Entrepreneur and Founded Medgenome, Sam Santhosh

Sam Santhosh is the founder of Medgenome, a genomics research and diagnostics company whose purpose is to enhance world health...

Amitej Gajjala Amitej Gajjala
Entrepreneurs11 hours ago

Crypto Entrepreneur Who Founded Stader Labs, Amitej Gajjala

Amitej Gajjala is the founder of Stader Labs is a cryptocurrency staking management platform which develops decentralised financial protocols and...

Vinit Sardhana Vinit Sardhana
ARTIST2 days ago

Meet Vinit Sardhana – The Political Leader, Artist, And Business Person

Everyone wants to make their own identity at some point of time in their life and many of them also...

Varun Mahna Varun Mahna
Entrepreneurs3 days ago

Founder Of PokerDangal, Varun Mahna

Varun Mahna is the founder of PokerDangal, a company that aims to change the way people play poker online in...

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