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Alma Chopra Alma Chopra
ARTIST5 days ago

Alma Chopra, Cerebral Ataxia Survivor and Motivational Speaker

Alma Chopra is a motivational speaker, blogger, and YouTuber with a personal story to contribute to the betterment of others’...

Lalthamuani Lalthamuani
BUSINESS6 days ago

Founder of Eco Far and the Chairman of Leisenzo Tea Society, Lalthamuani

Lalthamuani is the founder of Eco Far, which sells a unique tea from Leisenzo hamlet and is empowering over 300...

Monalisa Saxena Monalisa Saxena
BUSINESS6 days ago

Monalisa Saxena, Co-Founder and COO of Merren

Monalisa Saxena is the Co-Founder and COO of Merren which is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra and it is the first...

D. Sangeeta D. Sangeeta
BUSINESS1 week ago

Passionate Entrepreneur and the ounder of Gotara, D. Sangeeta

D. Sangeeta is a talented creator and the founder and CEO of Gotara, a worldwide career progression platform for women...

Sakshi Vij Sakshi Vij
BUSINESS2 weeks ago

Sakshi Vij, Founder of Myles Automotive Technology

In India, Myles Automotive Technologies is a leading provider of self-drive automobile rental services. Sakshi Vij founded Myles in 2013...

Sudha Menon Sudha Menon
Entrepreneurs2 weeks ago

An Author, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur, Sudha Menon

Sudha Menon is a columnist, author, and writing coach. ‘Recipes For Life,’ Feisty at Fifty, Legacy: Letters to their Daughters...

Nidhi Yadav Nidhi Yadav
BUSINESS2 weeks ago

AKS Clothing, The Brainchild Of Fashion Enthusiast Nidhi Yadav

Nidhi Yadav is one of those inspiring designers turned businesswomen who manage to achieve the perfect balance between her personal...

Daniel Lobo Daniel Lobo
BUSINESS2 weeks ago

Working For Society and Individual’s Mental health With BecauseYOU, Daniel Lobo

Daniel Lobo is the founder of BecauseYOU, a mental health social enterprise that helps individuals and organizations flourish in an...

Sudhir Kamath Sudhir Kamath
INFLUENCER2 weeks ago

The Guy Who Started Shreni Samudaya To Give Occupations To The Informal Population, Sudhir Kamath

In India, almost 80% of workers are working in the informal sector, which provides only rudimentary financial security and job...