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Tips to be healthy in Monsoon Season



Tips to be healthy in Monsoon Season

With the arrival of the monsoon season comes the risk of contracting dangerous diseases such as Malaria and Dengue fever. Monsoon is the season of relief after the summer, but water-logged problems arise at the beginning of this season, leading to health disorders. 

Monsoon Package Advance is a vital test package in the monsoon to keep your health. One is Monsoon Package Basic and Monsoon Package Advance. Let’s know more about the package in detail: 

Parameters of Monsoon Basic and Advance Package

The Monsoon Health Package consists of the following essential tests:- 

  • Complete Blood Count and Erecthyocite Sedimentation Rate Test 
  • Dengue Duo Test
  • Malaria Antigen Test
  • WIDAL test for Typhoid and Paratyphoid Fever
  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Liver Function Test 

Get this test done by the trusted doctors of Redcliffe Labs at an affordable cost. It is one of the leading health brands offering over 3600 plus tests in India, and branches are located in more than 120 cities in India. Along with this, you get a free home sample collection and a free consultation from the doctors. 

Let’s continue with the tips for keeping yourself healthy even during the monsoon season. 

Healthy Tips: 

Here are some healthy tips to keep an individual healthy. Let’s jump in: 

  • Foods Rich in Vitamin C 

Monsoon means increased skin allergies, viral and bacterial infection, or fever. To protect yourself from these diseases, one needs to consume foods rich in Vitamin C. Sprouts, green vegetables, and citrus foods are perfect sources of Vitamin C. 

  • Avoid Junk Foods

One of the secrets to leading a healthy life is avoiding unhealthy or junk foods. Fatty foods like burgers, noodles, french fries, etc., come under junk foods, and one needs to avoid junk foods to be healthy during the monsoon season. 

  • Drink Enough Water

Drink enough water to regulate the body temperature and to be in good health. Enough water intake reduces the chance of dehydration and other sorts of health diseases. 

  • Consume Probiotic Foods

Yogurt, Kimchi, pickles, etc., are some probiotic foods that support your immune system. It prepares the body to fight against bacterial or viral fever and creates a healthy digestive system

  • Get rid of stagnant water

Stagnant water means the rise of dengue and malaria. Hence, it is highly advisable to get rid of the stagnant water. If you ever come across the symptoms of dengue or malaria, then, in that case, you must go for Malaria or Dengue Antigen Test. 

  • Fruits and Vegetables

More consumption of fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep yourself fit. Apart from this, a healthy and balanced diet is also recommended by the health experts of Redcliffe Labs to keep yourself healthy. 

  • Regular Excercise

Regular exercise is imperative to maintain the body’s weight and stay fit. Exercise not only helps in losing weight, but it also helps build up your immune system to make the body capable of fighting various diseases. 

  • Wet Shoes

Stop wearing wet shoes in the monsoon. Dry them properly before wearing them, or it can make you sick. Wearing wet shoes also make your skin turns clear white. 

  • Maintain Hygiene

Maintain hygiene by washing your hand and keeping your clothes clean. Apart from this, wear long sleeves cloth to protect your exposed skin from the bite of mosquitoes. In addition, apply mosquito repellent cream to protect your skin. 

  • Protect yourself from allergies

Drenching rain often leads to skin allergy as the raindrop gets mixed with harmful chemical substances. These chemical substances, which are integrated with rain, result in allergic reactions.  Therefore, consult the doctor and get proper anti-allergic medications to save yourself from allergies. 

It is agreed that monsoon is the season of romance that makes a person feel joyous but keeping your health on good terms is also essential. Hence, the monsoon advance package is recommended if you face any symptoms of severe health issues. 


Why do people fall primarily ill in the rainy season? 

The rainwater during the monsoon season contains germs and harmful bacterias, which is responsible for making people sick. The polluted air gets mixed with raindrops, leading to high fever or sometimes even malaria or dengue. An umbrella is a must thing to carry in the rainy season to protect one from various diseases. 

However, getting yourself tested with the Monsoon Basic Package is advisable just to keep a quick check on your health. 

What types of diseases are common in Rainy Seasons?

Dengue and Malaria are the most common type of diseases in the rainy season. Apart from this, cholera, chikungunya, typhoid, diarrhea, and viral and bacterial fever are associated with the rise of the rainy season. The one-stop solution to cure these diseases is to connect with a good diagnostic for a Monsoon basic health package and get effective treatment. 

How does the rainy season affect the health of people?

The rainy season may have a harmful effect on people and can make them sick. It may also lead to stomach pain or eye irritation and sometimes lead to skin allergies.

In a Nutshell

No doubt, the monsoon is the season to sit back and have chai and pakoras, but it is also the season where the emergence of health issues is at its peak.  The health issues can be avoided by getting a practical test from a renowned laboratory near me

If you have encountered any symptoms like high fever, nausea, headache, and so on, then book your appointment soon for the basic monsoon package. 


The Skinny Confidential/IDigitalAKKI Media – Unsettled Payments: A Lesson in Professionalism



In the fast-paced world of digital services, collaboration is key to achieving successful outcomes. However, there are instances when a seemingly smooth project takes an unexpected turn, leaving one party in a challenging situation.

Recently, our company (IDigitalAKKI Media) had the privilege of working with Lauryn Evarts Bosstick (The Skinny Confidential), a prominent figure in the digital entrepreneurship sphere. The project involved the creation and launch of Lauryn’s Wikipedia page, a task we undertook with enthusiasm and dedication.

As part of our standard operating procedure, we communicated the importance of settling an advance payment before initiating the project. Despite a mutual understanding, unforeseen circumstances with their preferred payment method, PayPal, led to complications. To accommodate, we provided alternative payment options, including bank transfers within the same country for added convenience.

Regrettably, even with our flexibility and willingness to work through challenges, the payment remains outstanding. Despite numerous attempts to communicate and find a resolution, our emails have gone unanswered.

This scenario raises questions about professionalism and commitment to financial agreements. In an industry that thrives on collaboration and trust, it is disheartening when a project’s successful completion is overshadowed by unresolved financial matters.

It is crucial to recognize the impact such situations can have on service providers, not just in terms of financial loss but also in terms of the strain it places on the professional relationship. This experience serves as a reminder of the importance of clear communication, mutual respect, and honoring financial commitments in collaborative endeavors.

As we navigate through this situation, our commitment to providing quality services remains unwavering. We hope this incident sparks a broader conversation about the importance of fair and timely financial practices in the digital business landscape.

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The Stronghold Group LLC, represented by Mr. Dave Henderson, approached us for their branding needs. Eager to provide our services, we quoted a fair price of $600 USD for the project, and upon agreement, requested a 50% advance payment for security and to initiate the work.

However, what unfolded next took us by surprise. After completing the project with dedication and professionalism, we discovered that the payment made via PayPal had been disputed. Concerned, we reached out to Mr. Henderson, only to find ourselves blocked and unable to communicate with him.

We understand that disputes can arise within any organization, but effective communication is the key to resolving them amicably. It is disheartening to face such challenges, especially when we pride ourselves on delivering quality work and maintaining transparent relationships with our clients.

In the spirit of transparency, we want to share this experience as a cautionary tale for other businesses. In an interconnected world, it is crucial to prioritize open communication, professionalism, and adherence to agreements. Disputes are a natural part of business, but addressing them with honesty and integrity is paramount to maintaining a positive reputation.

While we explore legal avenues to address this matter, we encourage other businesses to be vigilant and prioritize robust communication channels. Contracts and agreements should be clear and comprehensive, outlining payment terms and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Our aim is not to defame The Stronghold Group LLC or Mr. Dave Henderson, but rather to highlight the importance of maintaining professionalism and trust in business relationships. As we navigate through this challenge, we hope to emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient in our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients.

In conclusion, let this be a reminder to all businesses that, in the face of challenges, professionalism and open communication can lead to resolutions that benefit all parties involved.

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Controversy Surrounding the Wikipedia Page Creation for Riccardo Ponzio

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In recent times, a controversy has emerged surrounding the creation of a Wikipedia page for Italian racing driver Riccardo Ponzio, hailing from Pescara. The dispute revolves around the completion of payment for the services rendered by Media Hub, a digital media company responsible for drafting and publishing Mr. Ponzio’s Wikipedia page on Simple English Wikipedia, an official Wikipedia platform. This article aims to provide an objective overview of the situation while highlighting the potential implications for both parties involved.


Riccardo Ponzio, a notable Italian racing driver, engaged the services of Media Hub to create and publish his personal Wikipedia page. An agreement was reached, and the client made an initial upfront payment, signifying his commitment to the project.


The team at Media Hub worked diligently to craft and publish the Wikipedia page in accordance with the agreed-upon terms and guidelines of Wikipedia. Once the page was completed and made live on Simple English Wikipedia, the client, Riccardo Ponzio, was expected to fulfill the remaining payment as per the contractual agreement.


However, after the successful publication of the Wikipedia page, a controversy arose when Mr. Ponzio allegedly refused to make the final payment. Despite several attempts by the Media Hub to reach out to Mr. Ponzio through various communication channels, including Instagram and email, there was no response from him. It has been reported that Mr. Ponzio even read the messages and emails but did not engage in any further communication regarding the matter.

Potential Implications:

The dispute surrounding the payment for the Wikipedia page creation has raised concerns for both parties involved. Media Hub may face financial repercussions for the services they rendered, while Riccardo Ponzio’s reputation could be negatively affected if the situation remains unresolved. Furthermore, this controversy might discourage other potential clients from engaging in similar projects with either party.


Media Hub has expressed its willingness to work towards a resolution of this dispute and has extended an offer to Mr. Ponzio to discuss the matter and find an amicable solution. The media company remains committed to professionalism and integrity in handling this matter and hopes to resolve it in a fair and equitable manner.


The controversy surrounding the Wikipedia page creation for Riccardo Ponzio highlights the importance of clear contractual agreements and open communication between service providers and clients. It is essential for both parties to uphold their commitments to maintain trust and professionalism in business relationships. The resolution of this dispute remains uncertain, but it serves as a reminder of the potential challenges that can arise in the world of digital media and client-service provider relationships.

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