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Piya Albela fame Sheen-Akshay coming again, will be seen in this serial



 The pair of serial Piya Albela’s Pooja Naren i.e. Sheen Das and Akshay Mhatre is going to win the hearts of the audience again. Soon, the two will be seen together in Sony TV’s new serial India Maa.

Piya-Naren ie Sheen Das and Akshay Mhatre pair of serial Piya Albela are going to win the hearts of the audience again. Soon, the two will be seen together in Sony TV’s new serial ‘India Wali Maa’. The producer of this serial is Jai Mehta, who has made many serials like ‘Alliance’, ‘Jijimaan’ and ‘Jeet Gayi To Piya More’.

Piya Albela’s pair is coming together again

The story of the serial ‘India Wali Ma’ will be very interesting. Although this serial was scheduled to be launched in March, but due to the lockdown, it broke. At present, the government has got permission to shoot with new guidelines and some serials have started shooting. That is, a glimpse of the new serial ‘India Wali Maa’ will be seen on Sony TV very soon. When Aaj Tak spoke to Sheen Das about the new character in the new serial, he said, “I will be able to confirm before then only. I have given auditions for two-three shows which are going to be new.” A lot of new serials are going to come in the month. So I am also just hoping that I can work out all the auditions I have given. “

He also said, “Look, I have auditioned for the show of Jai Mehta Production House which is for Sony TV. I also got a call back from there about the meeting, about the story, whatever the further process would have been.” It is for him. If everything is right, then I will definitely sign and give this jaggery news to my fans. “

According to the news, the shooting of all the Sony TV serials will start from July 1, including the new serials. Sheen Das said about the shooting, “There is fear and there is a lot of fear. Initially I was not ready to go out or take any new project. But there were some things that convinced me. One is when Corona There is no idea that it will end. Either you keep waiting for endless time, which is not possible or you are getting some work, you should take it and do it with full preconceptions. So it is most important that if If you are going out, then resume working with full preconceptions. “

Story on mother-son relationship

The story of the serial ‘India Wali Maa’ will be heart touching and emotional which is based on the relationship between mother and son. It will be a family drama. In this serial, Akshay Mhatre’s mother will be played by Suchitra Trivedi and father’s character Nitish Pandey, who has appeared in many serials before this. Apart from these, there will be many talented actors in this serial. It will also feature Sunil Singh, Shubhashi Raghuvanshi and Vandana Lalwani in the lead roles. The story of the serial will revolve around Akshay Mhatre and Suchitra Trivedi.

However the promo of the serial has not been launched yet and neither the date of the serial has been confirmed. But according to sources, some episodes of the serial ‘India Wali Maa’ will be shot in London and will be limited episodes of this serial. Apart from this, another new serial is coming on Sony TV called ‘Nine Ments’ which will be based on IVF process. Sukirti Kandpal can return to the small screen again with this serial.

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