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US President Donald Trump has said that the United States will end its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday.

Let’s look at the global statistics:

— Total confirmed cases: 6,085,993

— Total Deaths: 369,543

— Total Recovered: 2,695,996

— Nations with most cases: US (1,802,086), Brazil (469,510), Russia (396,575), Spain (285,644), UK (272,826).

Trump Targets China and W.H.O

Accusing the World Health Organization (WHO) of being “Totally controlled” by China, where the first case of the novel coronavirus emerged, US President Donald Trump announced the country will permanently “terminate” its relationship with the organization and will redirect funds from the WHO to other organizations.

Trump called out China for “espionage to steal our industrial secrets, of which there are many,” announced steps to protect American investors from Chinese financial practices, accused Beijing of “unlawfully claiming territory in the Pacific Ocean” and threatening freedom of navigation.    

Trump Takes Action against China

The President said the US would also take action on a number of other fronts, including barring “certain foreign nationals from China” from entering the US and sanctioning officials in China and Hong Kong for their direct or indirect role in “smothering” Hong Kong’s freedoms.

Trump goes after W.H.O

Trump had suspended US contributions to the WHO last month, accusing it of promoting China’s “disinformation” about the coronavirus outbreak, although WHO officials denied the accusation and China said it was transparent and open. 

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Azure Pharmaceuticals, The New Sensation in the Indian Medical Field



The two waves of covid 19 virus made the Indian population realize the lack in the availability of quality antibiotics, the antibiotics which were available were either not effective or were hard to get. Another major problem which was faced by the citizens of India was getting an appointment from the doctors and keeping track of availability of drugs and other essential pharmaceutical equipment.

The work force at Azure Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing patients and clients worldwide with high-quality medications. Their emphasis on quality shows their dedication. Their quality and compliance teams are under the direction of seasoned individuals with years of expertise in compliance and global quality operations in key pharmaceutical areas. By leading training sessions for their quality and compliance teams throughout our facilities, dedicated technical training teams assist improve their skills.

Every company which is successful now has some strong ethics at their core, which are deeply embedded in the behavior of each member of the company. The company’s key ethics include honesty, integrity, devotion, openness, and trust. These principles assist them keep their pledge to care for their consumers and are an integral element of the workplace culture.

They serve as the foundation for its operations and interactions with customers, staff members, and the community. They strive to establish a positive, safe, and empowered work environment and are an equal opportunity employer. They adhere to accepted standards of ethical, moral, and legal conduct in all their endeavors and have a great intolerance for corrupt and immoral actions.

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Exploring the Surprising Benefits of SEO with Outreach.Solutions



In business, the first step to success will always be through publicizing and promoting your business to the world. The most potent way for businesses to advertise themselves, especially on the internet, is through spreading your business proposition from one person to another, thus attracting more people to go back to your website. A poor performance rating in your business number is usually caused by the lack of publicity which results in lack of customers, poor sales, and in more serious cases, it could even result at the end of said business.

Access to any business, service and establish was extremely scarce in the past as it can only be done physically. Nowadays, thanks to the invention and innovation of the internet, access to these services is made considerably easier as online platforms are readily available to conduct business and trade with relative ease. Through the power of the internet, businesses can grow and expand their services to a national and global scale as they can reach customers far beyond their operating area.

Reaping these benefits, however, comes with a set of few unique problems of publicity and recognition with unique solutions and approaches to solve them. Thankfully, the people behind Outreach.Solutions are here to help you promote and nurture your business through keen utilization and implementation of the online world.

What is Outreach.Solutions and Who are the People Behind it?

Outreach.Solutions is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service and link-building agency that allows their clients to generate traffic and publicity towards their website. This is done by boosting and improving their website’s rank position in popular search engines such as Google, to appear on the first pages of the search result. The link-building agency was founded by Sabahat Ali (Seb) who, as a person, was always keen on researching and becoming a researcher, he developed into the career he has today. 

Outreach.Solutions started after Seb was exposed to SEO and its capabilities during his time working at a content writing firm. The agency has since then blossomed from a strong passion project to a full-fledged service with clear results.

What are the Benefits of Working with Outreach.Solutions as your Go-To SEO Team?

Outreach.Solutions promises a myriad of benefits that come from working with them and have since stayed faithful to these promises. For starters, they offer on-time delivery as they greatly value time management as time is one of the most important resources for any business trying to grow in a competitive environment—the team over at Outreach.Solutions work quickly and efficiently to ensure that they meet your time demands.

Next, the agency also offers Cheap and Affordable Pricing that is free from any hidden charges. All the services offered by Outreach.Solutions have a fair price tag attached to them for the sake of their clients and users. They also offer different installment plans for more flexible payments for smaller clients that want to build their business without spending a lot in one go. Lastly, they also forgo any hidden charges as they want to build your trust in them by displaying everything you need to pay and the transparency to go along with it.

Aside from those benefits, Outreach.Solutions also offer a unique outreach link-building service through backlinking posts that not only help boost your traffic and ratings but also help you keep that boost for the foreseeable future. Here is a quick rundown of this special service.

Guest Posting Links

The most popular option that is available on the website, availing this service allows you to stay competitive in the market as you can stay ahead of your competitors thanks to the way the service works as a whole. Furthermore, this generates the most amount of organic traffic growth to your website which is made all the more beneficial when used in domains with a good backlinking profile.

Link Insertion in Existing Post (Niche Edits)

Similar to the previous service, this service follows the same principle as the last one but has its own set of unique benefits when the two are compared. The biggest benefit to this is that content is posted on top pages of popular search engines such as Google with precise usage of niche-relevant keywords. 

The unique benefit of using this service is how it greatly encourages traffic from specific regions and areas which is great if you are looking to build your business locally or internationally depending on what your company is aiming to achieve.

Why Consider Availing These Services and SEO in General?

With everything said and done, you might be questioning why you should go out of your way to avail of these services and SEO in general. Here are things you might want to take into consideration as to why you should go into this investment:

You Want Long-Term Results

SEO provides one of the best long-term solutions to the long-term problem of promoting yourself on the internet. Availing of these services not only solves this initial problem but leaves you with a solution that can last for several years making it worth your time and money.

The long-term results you get from following these services make the initial investment you made go back to you for several years and more thanks to how SEO works in its base design.

You Want to Easily Reach your Target Audience

The internet is understandably crowded so you can have a considerable time reaching your target audience. SEO is once again a great solution to this as it filters traffic to your website to the appropriate demographic for any niche content.

The consideration that comes into this is the payoff you get from basing your service off a niche topic/consent as great SEO agencies such as Outreach.Solutions will be able to give you the traffic and growth you need.

You Are Building your Website Online

Building your website’s publicity and reputation from the ground up is more than enough of a reason to avail of SEO as it is one of the cheapest and most effective options when it comes to website growth and development.

This is perhaps the biggest consideration that you should make as growing a business can be difficult regardless of if you are starting or you have already been in the market and industry for several years.

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Meet Scammer Franklin Eugene – American Film Producer And Fashion Designer

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While the web has associated us with more data than any other time, the present computerized age has made it simpler for con artists to execute their fake actions. From artificial online media postings to secret word phishing for monetary records, con artists have discovered innumerable approaches to get their hands on other people groups’ cash.

Now, there is a new way of frauding talented and upcoming blokes by asking them for work whether it is of any kind (legal)  in exchange of payment and denying the payment after the work is done.

The victim of this new way is not anyone else, it’s me. I Built a Google Knowledge Panel of Scammer Franklin Eugene the order come up from Fiverr, I completed the task on time and got 5-star review from Franklin. After few days i got another order from Franklin regarding updation in their Google Knowledge Panel, I did my work by putting my all skills of updation there but due to some response issue from Google (That was on UPDATE) it’s delayed and after few weeks they approved the changes which i requested. But the order was canceled because it was taking long so i told Franklin to cancel it but I already did the updation it will take time to reflect so once it get reflected i’ll let you know then you can pay to me.
But after i messaged him about the same that your GKP is updated he keep ignoring and yesterday he denied to pay. As in Crisis, I invested in their work and he denied to pay. And he tortured me that he will gonna report me on Fiverr.

Franklin Eugene is an American film producer and fashion designer. He also established a design company, Franklin Eugene International, which creates men’s alta moda (haute couture), men’s luxury and ready-to-wear, and men’s and women’s Italian leather accessories, which have also appeared at Milan Fashion Week in 2019.

So, we have to be aware of such scammers who are able to fraud us by using their social media presence and we have to teach them a lesson by not accepting their upcoming work and creations.

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