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Vikas Birhma Vikas Birhma
LATEST UPDATES23 hours ago

Vikas Birhma and the success story of Gramhal

Vikas Birhma is prime supporter and CEO of Gramhal. Its point is to build the pay of smallholder farmers in...

Pooja Kaul Pooja Kaul
INFLUENCER23 hours ago

Pooja Kaul – Founder of the Social Venture- Organiko

Pooja Kaul is founder of Organiko, a social venture situated in India that uses donkey milk which is a well...

Sukhendra Rompally Sukhendra Rompally
BUSINESS23 hours ago

Sukhendra Rompally – Aiming high with Chezuba

Sukhendra Rompally is the Founder and CEO of Chezuba, a web-based chipping-in stage that permits clients to associate with NGOs...

Alina Alam Alina Alam
INFORMATION23 hours ago

Alina Alam – Impacting the society in a positive way with MITTI Cafe

Alina Alam is the founder and CEO of MITTI Cafe, which furnishes experiential preparation to people with disabilities and a...

Louise Mabulo Louise Mabulo
ARTIST23 hours ago

Louise Mabulo – Founder of The Cacao Project

Louise Mabulo is the originator of The Cacao Project, a drive that furnishes ranchers in the Philippines with cacao plant...

Sonia Gangar Sonia Gangar
BUSINESS24 hours ago

Sonia Gangar – Making a name in Luxury Wedding Planners

Sonia Gangar is the owner of Chic Events by Sonia which is a Toronto-based wedding and occasions arranging organization, with...

Catherine Mattiske Catherine Mattiske
BUSINESS24 hours ago

Catherine Mattiske – CEO of The Performance Company and ID9 Intelligent Design

Catherine Mattiske is the creator of the around the world acclaimed informative plan framework, ID9 Intelligent Design. ID9 Intelligent Design...

John De Oca John De Oca
INFLUENCER24 hours ago

John De Oca, Improving relationships with The Relationship Prescriber

John De Oca is the CEO and organizer of The Relationship Prescriber, a relationship instructing business outfitted towards assisting customers...

Jeff Lewis Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis – A Media Force to be reckoned

Jeff Lewis is the CEO of the famous media blog It’s Only Entertainment, which gets in excess of 100,000 perspectives...

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