In the 6th edition of the Google for India event, the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai outlined his participation in Digital India, India. At what strategic pace does the company move for the next 5 years in India. This made the people of the country aware. For this, the next 5 in India

Announced an investment of 75 thousand crore rupees in the year. Pichai stressed on the need to strengthen Indian languages ​​from the digital mode and shift the education to digital mode. For this, announced huge investment in India in the next few years. During the Covid-19 era, India’s business leaders, students, teachers assured of assistance in technology adoption.

Google’s Vice President Caesar Sengupta said that Google Pay’s userbase grew to 3 million in the Covid-19 era, which accepted contactless payments nationwide. In addition, around 2 million people use Nearby Store Spot to search for nearby essential goods. The app has provided the facility of accepting payment through digital mode to the grocery stores at remote locations across the country. Also, online mode makes it easy for customers to buy a product.


According to Google, the company launched Android in 2008 with a hardware manufacturer and a carrier, which currently provides more than 2 billion devices with Android operating system to 1300 manufacturers. Google said that its focus is to provide high-quality low-cost smartphones, so that Indian users can be easily given access to the Internet.

Google’s campaign for online education

Google tried to provide online education infrastructure at home to Indian students, teachers and scholars during the Covid-19 era. Under this, the company provided technology rapidly with the help of about 4 lakh educators. Sapna Chadha, senior country marketing director at Google, said she provided $ 1 million in funds to the Kaivalya Foundation to provide virtual education to 7 lakh teachers and online education to poor children. Also, he announced that with the help of nearly one million teachers of CBSE, 22 thousand schools were made available to study in digital mode for free with G Suite tool, Google Classroom and Youtube.