How different are the challenges for actresses after a hiatus?

As an actor I do not think much about the things that are always visible. I do not feel any lag. Due to the OTT platform, only the promotion method looks different. I have never been insured. I just think that work should be good. I started working as a model at the age of 15 and as an actor at the age of 19. Have given a lot of time in the industry. The audience has received a lot of love. I am not under any pressure. Every state of life should enjoy it. Should not live with pressure

Is the reason behind doing ‘Dangerous’ not husband Karan Singh Grover?

After marriage, I did not want to work for some time. This was my personal decision, but industry and fans were advising me to work. When this script was offered, Karan had signed it. After ‘Alone’, I believed that I and Karan would work together only when both of us felt that this project was good. When I read the script, I liked the content. Then I told Karan that we should work together. When MX Player proposed it to the manufacturers, it was re-edited and presented as a short web series. We were happy that it was releasing on OTT.

Recently, a survey has come out that married actresses are at the top in acting. While earlier it was said that if the actress gets married then her career ends…

This is a good time for female artists. The realm is now over. It is up to all the talents that if they can look like that character or act then they will get work.

The debate of nepotism is going on nowadays. You did not have an opinion?

Nowadays everything is debated. You have to live your life yourself. This is your journey alone. No one else can live my life. I am an outsider, but it is not necessary that I connect with every outsider. Everyone struggles. I am aware of my struggle, I cannot comment on anyone else’s struggle. Next year, I will complete 20 years in the industry. I have made my own place. It is true that as an outsider, we get fewer chances, but when we meet, we have to prove it. When the audience adopts, then we become insider from outsider. I have done a lot of work. I give this credit to myself. Nobody has made me.

Is it easy to intimate scenes with a husband?

Definitely becomes easy. Otherwise, it takes my life to do an intimate scene. R. in the film ‘Jodi Breakers’ I had a kissing scene with Madhavan. Madhavan is my friend. My feeling for him is brother. I thought how would I do it. I had a fever before the scene. Everyone made fun of me on the set.

You will be twenty years into films next year. How did you keep yourself positive till now?

I did not want to become an actor. I was very happy to be a model. I was a nerd girl. Suddenly started modeling. Bored in two years whether I will only walk the ramp. Then thought that I would go to college. At the same time, Jaya Bachchanji offered me the ‘last Mughal’. The launch was with JP Dutta and Abhishek Bachchan. I could not say to both of them that I do not know acting. I said yes. Abhishek and I did a camera face together for the first time. A Muhurta shot took place. I told him that I was so scared to see your parents that I said yes. He used to make fun of me. Later we became friends. When the ‘last mogul’ came to an end, I was happy that I did not have to speak or act. Then a few months later producer Vijay Gilani said that we are making the film. Listen to the story once I met Abbas-Mustan on this. When they told me the story of ‘Stranger’, it felt like a Hindi film Are not made. It looked like an international project. So, yes.

What kind of changes in fashion will be seen in New Normal?

Like every region, the fashion industry is also facing the Corona epidemic. Now matching masks are being made with clothes. I don’t think we can get out of this phase soon. I want people to change a little and take care of nature. The fashion industry has to focus on long-term options and at the same time we should emphasize on recycling.