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22 Year Young SEO Mastermind: Alejandro Rioja




Everyone would have heard the name of Flux Venture which includes the famous Flux Chargers, a portable and handy mobile charger that is the best selling product in almost 100 countries.

The Bolivian guy behind this innovative idea was a UCLA student, Alejandro Rioja who along with his co-founder Miles Anthony brought this wonderful innovation which solves the problem of you being frustrated when your mobile phone’s battery dies at the time of emergency.

Alexander not only founded Flux Chargers, recently he also designed a website named Future Sharks, which is a blogging platform for all the entrepreneurs from any corner of the world to increase their reach and receives a massive amount of reader.

In case of Flux Chargers, Alejandro first learnt all the skills online and then implemented his skills and gathered a team which included his co-founder Miles who was also an awesome designer and some of their team members were of China also. They sold their products online and after sometimes it reached a new height and was ranked at the top of the list by Yahoo Tech, Digital Trends and others.

After becoming an owner of combined 9 blogs at just the age of 22 and a part-time investor in Everipedia and Snapwire, Alejandro is currently working on the growth team at Samsara.

He is well known for his SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tactics and his one of the most famous post on his blog is a guide on how to increase traffic on a particular website.

Through his sheer dedication and working more than 15 hours a day, he has reached a certain level where no one can reach in such a small time.

Aakash Kumar Jha is one of the youngest Digital Entrepreneur with over 06 Years of experience in Digital Sector.


Meet Manish Kumar Jha – Entrepreneur who is blowing up social media



Today the young around are getting propelled by Manish Kumar Jha’s story. Getting propelled to try to begin, own and maintain a business since early on.

Following his way to use the profundities of online media to upgrade their odds of endurance and development in this day and age. Being a young mind, he reformed the ideas of publicizing and showcasing in his industry.

At Present Manish is working with “IDigitalAKKI India Private Limited” as a General Manager. Manish’s accept assuming that you don’t begin getting the hang of something, you can’t end it being effective. He took in this multitude of computerized showcasing and business venture abilities by following and getting motivations from their partners just as with many known characters over the world.

He helped sprout the web-based media the executives too Manish says that with the movement and extended contention in the high-level advancement, modernized advancing is extreme and testing now.

Manish has effectively arisen as a rousing character for the individuals who know him. He has a notable most youthful Digital Entrepreneur from India. Advanced upset presents you with a selective meeting of this skilled youthful psyche.

Manish says with the types of progress and changing examples in automated development, progressed elevating is needed to go for goliath strolls later on. The entire brand publicizing game has changed most certainly consistently, with the objective that the media usage, which fills in as a fundamental thought to set up the proximity of any brand, thing, or individual. A critical move in the group’s tendency and taste has been found in the continuous-time as standard media has taken the secondary lounge and progressed space is beginning to stand out.

World today need to search for delight through internet organizing stages like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook instead of TV and radio. This mechanized agitation has made span of opportunities for brand sponsors to make an undeniable arranging for their picture by building a right strategy using the advantage progressed stage and face.

Today world is becoming adjusted to adaptable and web every individual is at present having a convenient with web office it looks like one more penchant for India. Manish feels India is yet to fathom the power of electronic displaying and has bounced into this business first thing in India and he feels more people become aware of this web-based benefit his business will turn out to be fundamentally more prominent

In contrast to young people, Manish is an objective arranged and exceptionally earnest individual who even eliminates impediments before the working class goes into business.

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Founder of the Famous Ayurveda Startup Ayuthoveda, Dr. Sanchit Sharma



Dr. Sanchit Sharma

While the Coronavirus epidemic has wreaked havoc on countries all over the world, it has also pulled people closer to their traditional ways of life and food. People in India are increasingly turning to Ayurveda as a means of boosting natural immunity. In the last year and a half, many Ayurveda companies have expanded their portfolios, and sales of Ayurvedic items have exploded. One of that famous companies is Ayuthoveda, which is a Delhi-based Ayurveda skincare firm that combines traditional ayurvedic rituals and ancient Vedic cultural heritage with ultra-modern technology for youthful individuals, that makes them feel terrific and confident.

Dr. Sanchit Sharma is the founder of this amazing Ayurveda product brand. Sanchit holds a Ph.D. from Jamia Hamdard University and is a seasoned executive with a track record in the Ayurveda pharmaceutical industry. Sanchit left his family’s pharma company, AIMIL Pharmaceuticals, in March 2020 to launch the Delhi-based D2C startup Ayouthveda. The team introduced goods that are 100% natural and free of chemicals like silicone and paraben.

The firm, which started with seven individuals, now has a crew of 100. Though pandemic-driven lockdowns and changing purchase patterns shifted things in other ways for the firm, the founder feels they entered the market at the perfect time.
Women’s intimate wash, hand wash liquid, handcrafted soaps, and men’s pH wash are just a few of their items. The company currently sells 42 stock-keeping units in seven to eight different categories, including hair, body, and bath.
The skincare firm is also trying to expand into the western market, with Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Pune as its first destinations.

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Living his Passion with Knowhere Travel, Suman Sukumar



Suman Sukumar

Suman Sukumar is the founder of Knowhere Travel, a company that creates and facilitates authentic, ethical, and conscious travels around India through an ecosystem of authentic, ethical, and conscious partners. Its goal is to make people more conscious of and accountable for how they acquire new experiences in new settings.

Suman Sukumar’s life has always revolved around his passion for the outdoors. Suman witnessed firsthand the need for authentic tools to promote sustainable travel experiences in India after traveling the length and breadth of the country on hiking, paddling, and bike trips. Suman, who has ten years of expertise in the travel sector, saw that many people, like him, wanted to be able to access such sustainable experiences without having to go through different platforms and websites, so he began organising them. Suman is a Wilderness First Act certified guide, a Leave No Trace educator, and a graduate of the acclaimed NOLS Institute. He is passionate about India’s environmental and social aspects, and he leverages his passion for ecology, history, and many cultures to create immersive travel experiences for all.
Suman, who is based in Goa, created Knowhere Travel Co in 2019 with the goal of creating immersive experiences that focus on ecology, heritage, and local culture.

Intimate and thoughtful retreats are celebrated and promoted by this social travel firm. It’s also likely the first and only site dedicated to curating honest, real, and responsible trips to rare, hidden jewels. Knowhere Travel Co also ensures that its partners are environmentally friendly, from those who practice simple farming or farm-to-table food to those who protect wildlife or cultural heritage. Knowhere Travel Co. presently has 70 homestay partners in areas such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

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