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Portraying his Art in Stories, Amshu Chukki



Amshu Chukki

Amshu Chukki is a craftsman based out of Bengaluru who investigates the subjects of the real world and fiction through sight and sound work of art in a way that considers the amazing idea of built scenes and strange spaces.

He moved on from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. College of Baroda in 2014. He was recorded in the ‘Forbes India 30 under 30’ in 2016 and is a beneficiary of the Inlaks Fine Arts Award in 2014. His presentation show, The Tour, was held at Chatterjee and Lal in 2017. He has been important for some lofty shows and residencies both broadly and globally.

He is investigating more current strategies for narrating through video craftsmanship. For, in any event, when his work is caught on record, it isn’t confined to video itself. It consolidates different components like establishments, projections, text and time-slip by pictures. He even uses devices, like channels on Instagram, to loan a particular vibe to his works.

Amshu Chukki loves understanding stories. Simply that he picks fine arts, as opposed to simple words, to portray his stories. Take, for example, his work called ‘Mountain Man’. Made while on his residency with Khoj in Pune in 2015, which had occurred in a workmanship deco construction, the fine art recounts the tale of a man who vanished into the mountain. This site-explicit establishment changes the watcher into somebody peeking in through an opening in the entryway of a Victorian restroom, looking onto hills of grass in the bath.

Chukki’s excursion as a craftsman has taken him to the St Moritz Art Masters Residency Program in 2014 at St Moritz, Switzerland, and the Darling Foundry, India-Québec Residency in 2015, aside from winning him a large group of grants. His craft has been shown at India: Maximum City at ChesaPlanta, Zuoz, St Moritz Art Masters 2014, in Switzerland, Art for Young Collectors III at Galerie Mirchandani+Steinruecke in Mumbai in 2014, and at Chatterjee and Lal in Mumbai in 2015.



Promoting Handicrafts With Maavni Designs, Smaranika Mohapatra



Smaranika Mohapatra

Smaranika Mohapatra is a freelance artist and the founder of the famous Maavni Designs, an Odisha-based company known for its handpainted home decor, sarees and bags craft training, and corporate gifting.
Handicrafts have always been a passion of hers. After over a decade in the IT sector in Bangalore, where she worked for businesses such as TCS and JP Morgan Chase, she returned to her birthplace of Bhubaneswar and started her own business in the handicrafts sector.
Smaranika founded Maavni Designs in Bhubaneshwar in 2019 with the goal of promoting Odisha’s handicrafts across the country.
The company hires craftspeople, creates custom handicrafts, and sells them online through their own e-commerce site.
She began with home decor and gradually moved into garments and accessories. Their competitive advantage is that they offer customized items to meet the needs of their customers. The majority of their labor is completed in-house, and several artisans have been hired full-time. The company now has over 50,000 Instagram followers, a studio in Bhubaneswar’s Old Town, and ships its items to the United States, the United Kingdom, and other Southeast Asian countries.
Smaranika has always been drawn to assisting women workers and craftsmen in managing their job and personal lives as a woman entrepreneur. Women workers at her office are permitted to bring their children into the office and care for them while they work. She also gives craftsmen the option of working from home.

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A Teenage Baker working for the society, Elisha Parikh



Elisha Parikh

Elisha Parikh, also known as Elithebaker, is a 15-year-old self-educated baker from Mumbai who utilizes the returns of her flourishing business to add to different admirable missions.

Her baking excursion started when she was 7, and she’s currently set up a good foundation for herself as an expert baker and caterer. In only a couple of brief years, she has become amazing at making a wide range of pastries and sweets, including macarons, layered cakes, treats, cheesecakes, and choux baked goods. She’s without any help taken into account more than 300 orders, while likewise offsetting scholastics and exploring different avenues regarding new plans and procedures.

Being exceptionally youthful around when she started, she got a little assistance from her mom on dealing with the oven. She was soon ready to do it without anyone else’s help. With the help of her folks and valuable analysis, Elisha was before long enlivened to make different pastries.
In 2017, empowered by the reaction she got from loved ones, she chose to have her very own Instagram page, named @elithebaker, and the entire endeavor went business. She before long started getting orders from individuals from Mumbai on her page.

Also, she gives all her returns to noble causes. During the pandemic, she holds customary bake deals and uses the cash to purchase covers and fundamentals for medical clinics that have a lack of them. A portion of the income goes towards aiding oppressed families. Her latest drive was making up 150 cupcakes for KEM Hospital in Mumbai.

She is likewise a part of HelpOut, an association that endeavors to work on the existence of youngsters living in Ladiwali, Karjat. She leads heat deals at occasions coordinated by Helpout, to assist with raising assets overtime to help the necessities of oppressed youngsters. This has brought many grins for what it’s worth, not exclusively to the understudies and their families yet additionally the nearby Kirana stores in Karjat which have gotten a genuinely necessary lift in these troublesome occasions.

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Siavash Alimadadi in the talent identification program

Siavash Alimadadi, an Iranian rapper whose music is being popular these days, has attempted to attract talented people in terms of music



Siavash Alimadadi has launched a Talent Identification program that attracts all penniless talented singers.

Siavash Alimadadi, an Iranian rapper whose music is being popular these days, has attempted to attract talented people in terms of music, singing, playing, etc., in the TV program “Become a Star”.

So far, 500 applicants have registered for this program, but because of the current state of the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the registration is assigned to be online, which is difficult and takes a longer time.

Siavash Alimadadi had explained about this Talent Identification competition:

All the people who think that they are talented, but they have no financial support and the pennilessness has caused their talent to be ignored, can take part in this challenge.

There are many of these types all over the world, we are happy that we were able to perform this competition in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, three countries whose people are in bad mood, and perhaps by running this program, we can alleviate some of the problems of these dear people.

Siavash Alimadadi is also a successful entrepreneur in Iran.

classic music
A variety of music styles – classical music
The term classical music generally refers to a vast array of different but related styles and forms. Classical music in general only means European classical music. Of course, in some cases, the term is also used to refer to the traditional music of other nations, and combinations such as Indian Classical Music or Chinese Classical Music are invented. There is no exact definition of classical music, but in short, the works of this style are all created by musicians who have been specially and highly specialized in the field of musicology. The effect of classical music is all based on the scientific rules of music. Art Music is another term that is widely used to describe classical music and other serious and artistic methods. The phrase became especially popular in the mid-twentieth century and is used to describe any type of music, whether Western or Eastern. In popular belief, the term classical music generally refers to orchestral works.

Siavash then explained the styles of music

Pop music

There are many definitions for pop music, but the best definition can be “music from the heart of society and the hearts of the people.” The hallmark of pop music is its lively and joyful theme and relaxing aspect.

Because we know that not all people are on the same level, but when a piece called pop is to be made, and in order for it to be called pop, it must be something that, while joyful or even sad, must be taken from the womb.

It should be the community and the heart of the people so that when the text of the piece reaches the people in the form of music, they will feel happy or if they are sad, it will be a source of relief, hope and comfort that many singers of our country follow this style.

Popularity in music school is one of the most popular styles. In another definition taken from the basic definition of this style, it can be said that pop is a style consisting of several styles of music, because in pop songs we see a lot that instruments and intervals of other styles are included in it.

It should be noted that the accompanying instruments complement the work, not cause false emotional excitement with false and unrealistic stimulation and result in nothing but harm.

The most widely used instrument in the world

Music except

A variety of music styles – music except
Jazz is a special form of music whose main roots go back to the styles of Folk Blues and Regtime and European music.

This style can be considered the first major art form to emerge in the United States. This music has seen significant progress since its inception in the early twentieth century until today, and many styles such as Bop, Cool Jazz, Jazz Fusion Bebop, Hard and.

Have branched out from it. Jazz was originally an instrumental stylization. The most important instruments used in this style are saxophone and trumpet.

Other major instruments in this genre include the trumpet, piano, double bass, guitar, and drums. In older forms of jazz, the use of instruments such as banjo and clarinet was also common.

Despite the fact that in later years singers also found their way into this music and very famous poems were presented in the context of this style, nevertheless, Jazz style is still known as Instrumental music.

Jazz was at its peak between 1920 and 1950, when it became the most popular genre of music. Even pop music in those years was heavily influenced by Jazz. Jazz musicians generally used sophisticated chord structures and advanced harmonies in their works.

Making and performing jazz pieces generally requires a great deal of knowledge. This style has had many effects on new music styles such as Rock, Hip Hop and Electronica.

This style has also had many influences on Rhythem And Blues music. Today, composers of the Art Music category use many elements of Jazz music in their works.

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