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BrownGirlGang aka Sanjana Nagesh



Sanjana Nagesh

Sanjana Nagesh is a web-based media influencer and organizer of the BrownGirlGang, an Instagram group which elevates South Asian ladies to take responsibility for personalities.

Sanjana Nagesh, who is ethnically Indian and experienced childhood in Australia, once in a while saw other South Asian ladies in the traditional press. So she began the Instagram page BrownGirlGang in 2017 to enable South Asian ladies by curating posts exhibiting their triumphs and observing South Asian culture. BrownGirlGang has in excess of 120,000 supporters, including VIPs like U.S. entertainer Mindy Kaling. The worldwide local area has been highlighted in the BBC, Teen Vogue, The Guardian, HuffPost and Times of India.

In 2015, she began her vocation as an understudy for a couple of months with The Dream Consortium as a web-based media advertiser. She started her first gig as the Sydney Ambassador for Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (LMBW), a not-for-profit group for ladies business visionaries to arrange. She would remain with the organization until November of 2018.

During the time she was working with LMBDW, Sanjana was likewise an Influencing Marketing Assistant for Showpo, an online style retailer. This position drove her to turning into an Influencing Marketing Executive at Mamamia, an assessment and way of life site. In September of 2019, Sanjana proceeded onward to her next adventure, BrownGirlGang.

One morning in March 2017, she wound up starving by looking through Instagram for a couple of hours and ran over some madly skilled South Asian influencers. She was in awe of these ladies from all vocation fields – new businesses, music, workmanship, design, game, science and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – who were tracking down the most innovative approaches to intertwine conventional components of “earthy colored” culture with mainstream society. It was so engaging and approving to at long last find content addressing double social characters that she ended up needing to get familiar with every young lady and the story behind her work.



Tyler Oakley – Passionate LGBTQ supporter and a YouTuber



Tyler Oakley

Mathew Tyler Oakley is an American YouTuber, entertainer, dissident and creator. A lot of Oakley’s activism has been committed to LGBTQ+ youth, LGBT rights, just as friendly issues including medical care, training, and the counteraction of self destruction among LGBT youth. Oakley routinely posts material on different points, including eccentric governmental issues, mainstream society and humor.

Michigan local and mainstream society tastemaker Tyler Oakley has amassed more than 24 million web-based media devotees through his amusing, no nonsense YouTube recordings, high-profile meetings, and social rights support. Subsequent to transferring his first video eight years prior, Oakley overwhelmed the Internet. With triumphs going from interviews with First Lady Michelle Obama, One Direction, and Ellen DeGeneres, an overall live visit, and his graph beating webcast Psychobabble, Oakley is an Internet symbol. He lives in Los Angeles, California, where he transfers week by week recordings from his lounge room.

Oakley, who is transparently gay, is a previous individual from the effective cooperation channel “5AwesomeGays”, where he delivered the Friday video for more than three years. He was included in the 2014 Frontline insightful report “Generation Like”, a development on how teens are straightforwardly interfacing with mainstream society to the 2001 report, “The Merchants of Cool”.

Oakley was the host of The Tyler Oakley Show, which circulated week by week on Ellen DeGeneres’ ellentube platform. In 2017, he was named in Forbes “30 Under 30”.


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Designer Cristo Noir and His Label 12 Noir



Cristo Noir is a creative director, designer, music producer, and founder of 12 Noir. His work explores the intersection between art, technology and human connection. Cristo Noir is a pioneer in his versatile approach to art; working across disciplines of fine art, photography, design, film, fashion and performance. The artist’s facial identity remains a secret, as he uses sensor bars to cover his face. He believes people should appreciate his work without knowing who he is.

Cristo Noir is an artist who develops his career in different fields: Photography, videography, painting, and creative direction. His most notable project is 12 Noir, a brand that conceptualizes the idea of creating enduring designs. Through the application of smart design and premium materials, 12 Noir aims to create superior tools for humans. The brand specializes in art and design and is known for creating the first-ever gold plated juul device. He started 12 Noir in San Francisco, California, when he was a sophomore in college. Cristo Noir has produced multiple songs including Gatsby, Ocean, and Angel’s Anthem.

Cristo’s work can be characterized by an emphasis on the color black and distinctive graphics, such as the repeated use of “XII” in his work. XII represents the number 12. The artist conceptualizes the idea of the color black being represented in our galaxy, and the number 12 as the number of time. 12 months in a year.

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Kandee Johnson – Impactful and one of the first Beauty Influencer



Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is a hair and cosmetics craftsman and YouTube VIP who’s known for changing her own face into everybody and everything, including Lichtenstein funnies, Tigris, and Edward Scissorhands. She can change herself into Barbie in less than two minutes, which she exhibits in her video “Hi-Speed Barbie Transformation,” with almost 2 million perspectives. She additionally tells fans the best way to co-pick princess style in her Everyday Disney Princess Makeup arrangement, and has even changed herself into other YouTube characters. In 2015, she utilized her molding abilities to transform herself into four Kardashians in one viral video.

Kandee Johnson was the voice of ‘Mandy Sparkledust‘ in the Dreamworks highlight Trolls (2016). She got celebrated for her Youtube recordings, which she started in 2009 and has shown up on The Late Show with James Corden. She was an adjudicator on the Lifetime TV show, Glam Masters.

There are a great deal of cosmetics specialists on YouTube offering counsel on everything from how to apply lip liner to consummating a skincare schedule, yet not many of them have had the effect that Kandee Johnson has.

As one of the earliest YouTube influencers, Johnson assisted with starting the rush of excellence masters transforming online media. The way that she has remained well known for such a long time, hoarding a great many devotees, is a demonstration of both her unfathomable ability and her beguiling character. She has the ability to change herself into Edward Scissorhands, however fans likewise love her endearing and motivational recordings.

The long-term cosmetics craftsman began writing for a blog in 2008, then, at that point transferred her first video blog the next year utilizing her grandparents’ antiquated camcorder. Before long, she was facilitating ‘glaminars’: magnificence and business workshops from her YouTube channel. Presently, her Sinful Colors nail clean assortment is discounted wherever from Walmart to Walgreens.

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