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OG Beauty Influencer, Michelle Phan



Michelle Phan

YouTube has gotten the go put for those desiring for distinction, and for a fortunate few, the video-sharing stage is the way to progress. For one of those fortunate few, Michelle Phan, it has been the way to gigantic achievement. An alum of the Ringling College of Art and Design, Phan started posting make-up exhibits on YouTube utilizing a simple-to-follow, Bob Ross-like creation style. Since her first post, Phan’s YouTube channel, which has in excess of 350 transferred recordings, has collected an unimaginable 8 million endorsers and 1.1 billion lifetime views.

Over the most recent two years, she has distributed a book, “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success Online and Off,” been assigned for four Teen Choice Awards, and won a Streamy Award and a Shorty Award.


She relaunched her cosmetics image, EM Cosmetics, which floundered when it initially appeared as a L’Oréal brand. Phan likewise began putting resources into bitcoin, praising its excitement on Instagram close by cosmetics selfies.


In 2005, Phan had an individual blog in which she examined diverse cosmetics instructional exercises and got demands for additional guidance. She started posting instructional exercise video blogs on Xanga under the username Ricebunny, and afterward started distributing on YouTube in May 2007.


Phan’s first video was a “characteristic cosmetics” instructional exercise that got 40,000 perspectives in a solitary week, a gigantic number for a virtual obscure. Her methodology was to develop her YouTube notoriety to improve her odds of finding a new line of work.

She delighted in colossal accomplishment with big name themed recordings: her Barbie instructional exercise has had 66 million perspectives, her Lady Gaga “Terrible Romance” instructional exercise has had 55 million.


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Popular Iranian Pop Musician, Rouholamin Hassan vand aka Amin Hasanvand



At the point when you talk about the craze of Pop Music in Iran, it is never finished without one person named Rouholamin Hassan Vand.

Rouholamin Hassan Vand, better known by his stage name Amin Hasanvand, is an Iranian pop artist, musician and author.

Hassanvand was brought into the world on 28 sep 1995 in Ahvaz, Iran. He finished his schooling from Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Khuzestan holding a Degree in Bachelor of Water Science and Engineering.

He began his expert imaginative movement in 2013

Up until this point, he has a background marked by teaming up with celebrated Iranian artists (Hamed Baradaran, Mehrdad Ahmadzadeh, Mohsen Shirali, Yashar Khosravi, Ehsan Neyzan, Firooz Visanlou, and so on).

Hasanvand sang his first tune in 2010 and furthermore created his first tune dependent on a similar subject. After some time, he distributed his first piece to Persian speakers during his collaboration with Hamed Baradaran.

On his Instagram account named @amin.hasanvand, he has practically 50k Followers. He additionally has a YouTube channel by his name which he began in May 2012 and his new transfer was Nemikhastam-OFFICIAL VIDEO. In this video, music is given by Sajad ali zade. Head of this music video is Reza mousavi.

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Rotimi ask Vigilante is there any Vanity in Stardom at HOT 107.9 ATL



Tune into Vigilante’s Instagram account @Vigilantelom for inspiration and to keep up with everything in his career. Also, follow him on Snapchat and Twitter @VigilanteLom to keep up with how you can contribute to his community acts. If you want to catch up on all of Vigilante’s music, interviews, promotional visuals for his upcoming movies, and advice on how to make it in the industry on his YouTube at

In the acting world Vigilante is known as Remarcus Steele. Here’s a link to keep up with his movie and television credits





Snapchat: @VigilanteLOM


Vigilante Visuals



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One of the best Indian Fashion Photographer, Praveen Bhat



Praveen Bhat

Praveen Bhat is a notable design photographic artist, Instagram influencer. He shares the posts of his exciting work-life in various areas. On the off chance that his photography impacts you, you can take up photography courses and turn your energy to your calling.


Praveen Bhat is a name interchangeable to haut monde after being related with chief brands in the design and way of life fragment. Conceived and raised in Delhi, his photos talk volume oozing an embodiment of individual touch and contacting a great many hearts all finished.


At the point when not discovered catching recollections, you can get the ‘style photographic artist’ playing bedtime songs on guitar or relaxing with his pizza bae.


Bhatt began his profession as a cameraman in Maa Baap (1960), who offered him reprieve as a cinematographer in his next element film, Himalay Ki Godmein (1965), he proceeded to work in a lot more movies of his dad building up his vocation as a cinematographer. He was the cinematographer of India’s first blood and gore movie Haunted 3D. Shaapit (2010) denoted his 100th film in his vocation as cinematographer.


His first vocation project began with significant lobbying for the worldwide brand Ritu wears, and today he wanders into a different scope of fields including design wear, gems, beautifiers, vehicles and hardware. You can follow him on Instagram for his best photograph.

Praveen has customers both from style, way of life and corporate world like HCL Avitas, Himalaya, Atlas, Provogue, Cotton County, Bodycare, Lotto, Alberto Torresi, CLE India, Satya Paul magazine shoots, KGK allure adornments, Bridal Asia, CTC.


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