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Girl on a Mission to Bring Change in Society with her idea of Girl Power Talk, Rachita Sharma



Rachita Sharma GPT

A young girl enthusiastically in life to build an entire community that backs and inspires young ladies, Rachita Sharma is the driving force behind the idea of Girl Power Talk. She is a technology business visionary, financial literacy lawyer, and sex rights activist.

She has finished her elementary education in Mathura and completed her graduation from the University of Delhi and after that, she did her MBA degree in the field of Marketing and Finance from Thapar University. She started working from the beginning during her school years and voyaged broadly.

She established Girl Power Talk which endeavors to move young ladies with diligence, compassion, and certainty. They engage young ladies with merit-based freedoms to develop and accomplish their maximum capacity. As a team with their sister organization, Blue Ocean Global Technology, they foster young ladies in India to become worldwide pioneers.

At Blue Ocean Global Technology, Rachita Serves as Chief Marketing Officer and her obligations incorporate corporate interchanges, customer commitment, and new business advancement. She drives the assessment of all new potential Girl Power Talk colleagues and ventures into new business sectors.

The revenue-driven venture, Girl Power Talk prepares its local area of youngsters in extraordinary delicate abilities, specialized information, and reason throughout everyday life. The group is prepared to make and advance top computerized resources that speed up the development of an organization’s image value.

This organization also motivates the Youth of our nation by sharing the stories of their success through YouTube and their other social media handles. Few of their most successful stories are covered in videos such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Girl Power and Find A Beautiful Place You Belong that are uploaded on their YouTube channel and have lakhs of views on them. These videos do not just cover stories of success, they show how Girl Power Talk is doing something extraordinary for the benefit of society.

Rachita likewise fills in as a Chairperson for the All Ladies League (ALL), a thorough organization for ladies with more than 70,000 subsidiary individuals in 150 nations. Due to her huge contribution in her field, she won the award for the ‘Most Promising Woman in IT’ by AatmNirbhar Women’s Association Trust in 2020 and she is also a beneficiary of International honor ‘Business Elite’s Awards 30 Under 30’.

She has a fantasy about building a superior world, one where reason and benefit are orchestrated. Her point is to construct an environment where thoughts, appreciation, motivation, positive thinking, and balance are the norm. Rachita has devoted her life to change the direction and openings set for the most brilliant youthful personalities in India.

Aakash Kumar Jha is one of the youngest Digital Entrepreneur with over 06 Years of experience in Digital Sector.

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One of the main Social Entrepreneur to look out for, Alexandre Koiransky



Alexandre Koiransky

Alexandre Koiransky is the founder of FAIR, a spirit brand set to help farmers in creating economies for the last decade. He is likewise the co-founder of Altiplano SAS which is a specialty beer made with natural quinoa.

Alexandre assembled The FAIR brand with a mission to help ranchers in creating economies. At the point when somebody purchases Fairtrade confirmed spirits, he and his group ensure that laborers who develop the yields are addressed at a reasonable cost so they would first be able to support their families.

Prior to his pioneering venture, he was a Sales Rep for Cognac Ferrand in Chicago which was a fabulous encounter for him. From that point onward, Alexandre wanted to blend his adoration for spirits in with a more productive explanation. Not really set in stone to make the field’s first and handiest fairtrade authorized spirits logo and in April 2009 he established Fair.

Fairtrade norms advance immediate and significant effect inside key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) regions: no destitution, sexual orientation fairness, clean water and sterilization, respectable work conditions and financial development, and capacity utilization and creation. Reasonable is likewise on an excursion to utilize no plastic before the finish of 2022.

Fair Spirits are refined with the best guidelines, on account of many long stretches of French savoir-faire from the Cognac locale. Every remedy is produced using uncommon fixings that are natural, sans gluten, veggie-lover, non-GMO, all normal with no carbs.

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Parul Yadav: The Youngest Indian Business Head at The United States Lifestyle Marketplace; PORTEIRO



Parul Yadav

The Indian Business Unit for PORTEIRO is all set to disrupt and improve personal lifestyle productivity for Indians who are being impacted by scheduling and commuting to local businesses for services, says Parul Yadav (21, female); Youngest India Business Unit Head at Arizona based Startup PORTEIRO.

Ever since she was young, Parul Yadav has had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She started her first business when she was just 18 years old and now at age 21, Parul is leading the Business Unit of PORTEIRO– a Lifestyle Convenience Marketplace based in Arizona. With diverse experience in Public Relations, Social Media and Communications Strategy, Parul has headed the Growth & Strategy significantly since PORTEIRO inception. She is also a PriceWaterHouseCoopers NextGen Leader, International Women Leadership speaker, WEDU Rising Star 2021, and English Literature Graduate from Gargi College, University of Delhi.

While executing her entrepreneurial dreams as a Indian Co-Founder of a Global tech company, Parul recognized that her time and efforts serve a bigger purpose than just holding the tag of a young undergraduate. She was annoyed that numerous niche service apps existed in India, however, none of them offered options to personalize the specific daily needs of each consumer. Indians spend more time in daily office commute than most countries in the world, with more than 2 hours on the road every day, as per a report by office commute platform MoveInSync Technology Solutions. 

Moreover, a hectic lifestyle that causes stress plays a major role in responding to all the diseases whether it is diabetes, unhappiness or brain stroke. This is rapidly growing in the age group of 20 to 40 years. Most of us consider work to be our first priority whereas it should be of equal importance to our personal life. Hence planning your work to attain work-life balance is very important for healthy living!

Based on these facts, one can infer that people must rearrange their daily routines to accommodate the typical business hours of these service providers. In actuality, with limited time on the weekend, it is challenging to accomplish all of one’s personal “extras” during the typical hours.

PORTEIRO app offers solutions to specifically tailored needs of today’s hectic lifestyles. With the upcoming expansion into an international market, SCHEJ Inc. the governing headquarters and Arthur Burris, the CEO looks forward to providing more opportunities for people around the world who want a simpler life with less stress and more time spent doing what they love most.  

Our vision is “connecting consumers and service providers to transact anytime, anywhere, while generating a societal impact”, says Parul. She is sure that PORTEIRO will have a positive social impact and make contributions to local community non-profit organizations and individuals from service transactions. The user-friendly mobile version will enable users to donate to local non-profit organizations and contribute a percentage of revenue to the same organization. 
If you want to learn more about the benefits of this time-saving app, head on over to & sign up for your FREE VIP spot today!

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Passionate and Highly Creative Founder Of Aether Beauty, Tiila Abbitt



Tiila Abbitt

Tiila Abbitt is the originator of Aether Beauty, which is an honor-winning veggie-lover, pitilessness-free, non-harmful cosmetics brand implanted with precious stones which she established in 2018. It is defined with just the cleanest and most supporting fixings and boycotts more than 2500 fixings.

Tiila is an energetic, exceptionally innovative item improvement proficient with 11+ long periods of involvement remembering for the global renown excellence industry. Tiila has a degree of BFA and an MFA in fashion design. She worked in the style business for more than 5 years prior to progressing to magnificence.

She is profoundly enthusiastic with regards to the manageable magnificence item domain. Tiila went through 7 years at Sephora accountable for item improvement for cosmetics joint efforts and embellishments.

Being a worldwide brand, Tiila immediately discovered that in the USA, there are just 11 restricted synthetic compounds in shading beauty care products while in the European Union, there are more than 1300. Along these lines, she figured out how to form shading beauty care products with an exceptionally huge synthetic boycott rundown and how to fill in for cleaner options.

The inquisitive, scientist part of her brain that had found out such a great amount about this climate impeccably collaborated with the science-driven piece of her mind longing to find out such a great amount about her current circumstance. She’d at last drawn an obvious conclusion of her life and discovered a course that she generally needed to head.

She dispatched the initial zero-squander eyeshadow range in the magnificence business in 2018, the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette, not a simple accomplishment, which won a couple of grants including Mind Body Green’s Earth First Award, Refinery 29’s Innovator Award for Sustainability, Byrdie’s Eco Beauty Award just to give some examples. also, she as of late won a couple of grants, including Allure’s 2020 Best of Beauty for their Radiant Ruby Lip Creme, which is made of 100% reused plastic.

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