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Best Online Games for Android 2022

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Playing games on your phone is both enjoyable and convenient. You can play games on your Android phone or tablet while traveling or simply relaxing for a while. And the best part is that you don’t need much to start playing these games; simply download them to your phone and start playing.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best online games for Android users to enjoy in 2022. You can get these games from your app store or from legitimate websites.

When it comes to downloading and playing online games, you should have a fast internet connection. Spectrum Internet® is our recommended and dependable service, with the fastest download and upload speeds for your gaming needs. So sign up for their service and enjoy some of the best titles, such as the ones we’re about to mention.


Undawn is an open-world co-op game developed by Tencent Games, Lightspeed, and Quantum Studios, the same studio that created PUBG mobile. This adventure game takes place in a frightening and merciless world where you must battle for survival not only against zombies but also against other, more deadly threatening people. Fighting alone will not be enough for survival, thus you will need to collaborate with other players to scavenge the world for objects to make weapons, as well as to construct shelters and exchange resources.

Overall, it’s a fantastic new survival game that we highly recommend checking out.

Rogue Company

Rogue Company was released in 2020 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch followed by a PS5 and Xbox Series X version, and is currently accessible for Android users as well. The game has several game styles, including extraction, demolition, and a strikeout, all of which are 4v4 objective-based game variants. There are also 2v2 options if you want that. You should also be aware that Rogue Company isn’t extremely visually demanding, so the mobile version should be compatible with a larger range of devices.

War in Arms: Prime Forces

War in Arms is a multiplayer first-person shooter game featuring some ultra-close-range action. The game is largely centered on squad-based battles in which you will team up with other players to fight alongside various in-game operators who are highly competent members of a Special Forces unit.

The game also has a comprehensive weapon system, as well as a variety of game modes such as bomb, defuse, unranked mode CQB, and others. Many believe the game to be quite similar to Rainbow Six Siege, produced by Ubisoft, yet it still has many unique components that make it worth checking out.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a deck-builder that is based on the story of League of Legends while still having its own complicated deck builder that, in some ways, outperforms Hearthstone. The game allows you to build a deck by selecting cards and champions to create a cross-faction synergy before confronting players in 1v1 combat. On the one hand, it’s a complex deck builder, but it’s also simple to grasp, and gameplay mechanics, like not having to wait for a turn to attack after playing a card and the ability to save the mana you saved up from previous rounds make for some pretty dynamic battles and some of the best deck-builders on mobile.

PUBG Mobile

With year-over-year world-record price goals and the team’s announcement that more tournaments will be hosted in more locations across the world, PUBG Mobile is easily one of the top titles in the mobile Esports market. However, 2022 appears to be much greater than all those previous years.

Numerous factors make this game appealing. The primary one is its weapon system, which is the most realistic in the gaming industry. Recoil, steadiness, and firing rate all uphold the true mechanism.

In general, it’s a really addicting game that you may play alone or with friends. This game may be played anywhere. Additionally, because it is free, anybody can enjoy it.

Genshin Impact

With its enormous four-player co-op and a shed load of missions and events to keep you occupied for a while, this Zelda-inspired RPG has managed to keep expanding and has become a stunning title. The most portable method to play Genshin Impact is on a mobile device. The mobility of these systems, whether on a phone or a tablet, offers ease, which may be a major determining factor in choosing your platform of choice.

Over 59 million people play the game each month, and the statistics speak for themselves. We strongly urge you to check out this fantastic game for a thrilling gaming experience.

To Sum Up,

Playing games on your mobile device is both enjoyable and convenient. You can take your mind off work and compete with other players by playing some of the best titles mentioned in this post. So download them and have fun.

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