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Tara Mitra Making Yoga Modern Through The Digital Age



Spirituality and meditation is huge in todays world! Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram showcase this type of lifestyle everywhere. It’s fascinating. Can deep breathes and wide stretches really change your life? But it’s more than just that.

Tara Mitra is a yoga therapist & ashtanga teacher who 47 years old and was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada on October 8, 1974. Tara has over 18 years of experience with meditation, spirituality and yoga. Tara has many achievements as a yoga therapist. She is also an authorized Ashtanga Teacher (1st & 2nd series), who has studied with Tim Miller and has been teaching yoga for the last 12 years.

Tara has a growing social media following of over 17,000 followers on Instagram actively keeping up with her yoga content daily. Tara teaches many students in person in Sicily, Italy and posts about her work on social media. Her work is incredible, and has definitely not gone unnoticed by the media.

With her being a local yoga teacher, we believe that it’s phenomenal how so many users on Instagram have been able to be so captivated by one’s work without fully being able to experience it. Tara’s knowledge of meditation for over 18 years is definitely a mastered skill that is not only benefiting her local students but the world that is tuned into her content as well. We believe that there is news going around that Tara will start making her yoga practices available online in some sort of way coming in the near future.

We believe Tara Mitra’s career is bright. The future for her content as a professional yoga practitioner has the potential to sky rocket and change youth, millennials, and elders through the use of digital online technology.

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Aakash Kumar Jha is one of the youngest Digital Entrepreneur with over 06 Years of experience in Digital Sector.

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Javed Khan – Multi-Millionaire NFX Trader



Javed Khan

Javed Khan is the founder of JKMT. He is a 22-year-old business person who has figured out how to dominate the specialty of trading, with a specialization in the NFX market. Javed is an understudy who was brought into the world in London, with a dream and energy for an unfamiliar trade exchange and business venture. Life began in humble beginnings, as he started making money conveying pizzas in the East End of London while he concentrated in College.

Javed was contemplating Btech in Science, has dreams of University and a 9–5 occupation in the business area. One day he ran over a film,” The Wolf of Wall Street”, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. From that point forward his London frenzy of exchanging began. While working low maintenance in dominos, he has reserve funds which he contributed the first run through. Javed contributed £1000 and lost everything. He realized he might have investigated more and furthermore that he can make a triumph with it some place.

Notwithstanding these unassuming beginnings, Javed would proceed to accomplish enormous victories and discover independence from the rat race through his way to deal with contributing. This degree of accomplishment may be sufficient for most, yet Javed needed more.

He has since given as long as he can remember to additional his experience and information in the business sectors to give his insight onto others. He has extended his unfamiliar trade business, yet in addition become a significant level unfamiliar trade teacher to the majority. Javed has figured out how to dominate the specialty of exchanging, with a specialization in the NFX market. He anticipates further developing his multimillion-dollar portfolio. This is plainly just the start for Javed Khan, and his prosperity will keep on thriving.


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Litia Kirwin – Living a life with Loving Islands



Litia Kirwin

Litia Kirwin is a preservationist, philanthropic, and founder of Loving Islands which is resolved to furnish networks in Australia and Fiji with better admittance to feasible monetary improvement openings however not at any expense. A significant part of Loving Islands is to foster those chances with local people while keeping up with the key natural uprightness of the islands.

100% of Loving Islands item inputs are sourced from distant island networks to help the utilization of natural cultivating as a method for manageable pay age. Working with large accomplices like the U.S. International safe haven’s Regional Environment Office, the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community and the United Nations Development Program, Loving Islands is right now several tasks zeroing in on youth strengthening, marine preservation, and natural cultivating.

Following a Masters of Commerce with a specialization in inventive business and business maintainability, Litia Kirwin chose to effectively utilize her new range of abilities by dispatching her own grassroots social venture.

She utilized her obtained business viewpoint to survey what the secret weapons were available in Fiji and what the fundamental difficulties to improvement were. She then, at that point, thought of an arrangement to beat those difficulties in the least complex manner conceivable simply by utilizing the assets that nearby networks had.

Since its dispatch in 2016, Loving Islands has affected in excess of 300 island inhabitants, enlisting 5,000 sections of land under the board. To engage Fijians with manageable economies addressing their requirements, Litia and her group offer different types of assistance to neighborhood networks.

From project executives to production network assistance, the social endeavor is striving to start the manageable advancement of the Pacific Islands and guarantee the age of long-haul pay.


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Lyzabeth Lopez – Kim Kardashian of the Fitness world



Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez is an honor winning fitness coach, all encompassing nutritionist, health specialist, TV host, essayist and web-based media force to be reckoned with. Her abundance of information, irresistible character and enthusiasm for all encompassing living has procured her a committed afterlife of wellness devotees and exceptionally a regarded brand in the wellbeing and wellness industry.

Lyzabeth Lopez was motivated at an early age by muscle magazines, revering Rachel McLish. She started lifting loads in 1993, with the longing to foster a conditioned figure. This Toronto-based competitor and wellness coach has endeavored to accomplish and keep up the absolute best body. She has made an accomplishment of herself at each attempt she has embraced up until now. She began her expert vocation as a team promoter and at last discovered her way into wellness displaying. She turned into a confirmed vigorous exercise instructor at 16 and became a fitness coach at 18.

Author and maker of the renowned ‘HourGlass Workout’, she has only committed her insight and experience to change innumerable ladies’ lives by assisting them with accomplishing their ideal body objectives. Recorded as of late as one of the best 10 wellness influencers on the planet by Forbes magazine, Lyzabeth has had an outstanding excursion till now and it appears she has still far to go. She additionally has an immense after over different online media stages with a great many people definitely hanging tight for her tips and deceives to accomplish the impeccably fit body.

In 2015, she competed in the FAME Canada, where she placed second in the normal segment and fourth in the model pursuit among 135 members. She is a PRO Fitness contender turned adjudicator. Lyzabeth is perceived as Canada’s number 1 positioned Fitness Model and among ‘Top three PRO Fitness Models’ in the World as indicated by World Bodybuilding Fitness Federation. She has included on the front of a few famous wellness magazines like Inside Fitness, FitnessX, Fitness Magazine and so forth


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