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Radhika Batra – Dealing with major health issues of India and improving it with Every Infant Matters



Radhika Batra

Radhika Batra is the Founder and President of Every Infant Matters, a NGO zeroed in on working on the existences of hindered kids via completing visual deficiency anticipation by apportioning Vitamin A to underestimated youngsters and gives last-mile wellbeing answers for impeded kids.

She accepts that giving admittance to medical care is probably the greatest test which should be defeated to accomplish wellbeing for all. Her job is to direct the association in its technique and vision, and regulate execution, correspondence, organizations and information assortment. She began her work by building associations to serve hard-to-reach and underestimated youngsters.

Radhika goes widely to meet individuals who are in the bleeding edge of care. She was welcomed as Delegate Speaker to the One Young World Summit, Hague 2018 where she fabricated associations with NGOs from Nigeria. This year Radhika was chosen as TrustConference Changemaker by the Thomson Reuters establishment and at their occasion she met and constructed accomplices with chapel bunches working in distant, rustic India. She is liable for guaranteeing equity and incorporation and dealing with sex issues and urge families to do as such.

Since March 2020 Radhika with EIM have likewise been effectively running after COVID19 Relief programs, supporting the individuals who are most exceedingly awful hit-the wellbeing laborers at the cutting edge and the least fortunate of the helpless who have been delivered ravenous, jobless, destitute and feeble by the pandemic.

Radhika Batra was chosen as Forbes 30-30 Asia Honoree in 2019. She likewise got the Prashasti Patra, the lofty Covid Warrior Award from the Government of India.


Top 5 New Malden Driving School



New Malden Driving School

Choosing the best driving school in New Malden is essential while learning to drive. You must attend a reputable school for your instruction.

You cannot pass your examinations if you do not receive sufficient instruction. Won’t be able to obtain your driving licence if you fail the tests that are given.

Are you unsure about the standards you must meet before enrolling in a driving lesson or what driving school to choose? Then you are in the proper place, and continue this page to define your anticipated driving lessons.




OJ Driving School provides highly trained and experienced driving instructors in London and Surrey. They are dedicated to giving skilful learning with the greatest atmosphere possible to hone their client’s driving abilities.

OJ Driving Academy provides a wide selection of courses to properly meet the individual needs of its students from various backgrounds,

Driving Lessons:

  • Beginner Driving Lessons
  • Advanced Driving Lessons
  • Automatic Driving Lessons
  • Intensive Driving Lessons
  • Driving Lessons Academy
  • Refresher Driving Lessons

They have patient, skilled, and enthusiastic driving instructors who have received approval from the ministry of transportation. They are very talented and well known in the driving sector and have many years of instructional experience.



Whether you are a beginner or a lapsed learner, Britz Driving School in South London will get you one step closer to passing your practical and theoretical driving tests. They provide driving lessons in South London for both manual and automatic vehicles.

Driving Lessons

  • Two Different Plans

They cover a wide range of locations, including Balham, Surrey, Croydon, Wimbledon, Kingston, Sutton, and New Malden.

Thus, no matter where in South London you reside, you will have a comfortable, encouraging, and pleasant experience as you begin your driving lessons and learn to drive with their friendly, competent driving teachers.



The Elephant Driving School provides both intensive driving programmes and regular driving instruction.

They specialise in making their students feel comfortable while they learn. They have qualified driving instructors with experience from the DVSA.



MJ’s Driving School offers a variety of driving classes to meet the needs of all individual learners. Each session is created to help you gain the expertise, confidence, and knowledge you need to be able to accomplish your goals and go on to the next level.

Driving Lessons:

  • Manual Driving Lessons
  • Automatic Driving Lessons
  • Intensive Driving Lessons
  • Motorway Driving Lessons

Whenever you get inside a vehicle owned by MJ’s Driving School, you can rest sure that you are in the capable, highly trained hands of a driving teacher who will assist you in reaching your objectives.



Elle Driving School takes pride in its students receiving extremely high-quality training because of its many years of teaching expertise. In addition to helping their students pass the driving exam, they also educate them on how to drive safely.

Driving Lessons:

  • Intensive Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Driving Lessons
  • Pass Plus

They now provide driving classes in New Malden, Old Malden, Coombe, Motspur Park, Raynes Park, Malden Manor, Tolworth, Hook, and West Ewell.


You must learn to drive if you own a car and be informed of the laws and regulations for driving. You may learn to drive for free from your parents, but it is no substitute for receiving a top-notch education from qualified teachers. There are programs for cars, buses and even trucks. You might learn how to handle a car with control at a driving school.

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Top 5 Education (Learning & Development) Tools to Help You Assess Your Abilities & Skills 



In pursuit of learning, students need to be aware of how well they’re integrating their course lessons so that they don’t fall too far behind their peers/friends.

This approach to knowing how much they have progressed over time in their specialisation learning is known as self-assessment. 

Writing specialists delivering case-study help consider it a powerful strategy for quality learning and enhancing students’ overall skills and abilities. 

Such experts even believe that students who resort to self-assessment are more efficacious learners /exponents of their chosen course specialisation. 

Such students who constantly want to keep improving with time tend to be more motivated and engaged than others. They possess an abundance of self-confidence and are open to adapting and improvising their learning approach for their greater good. This is more so if their earlier methods didn’t yield their desired outcomes. 

In short, self-assessment facilitates self-directed learning for wilful students and guides them toward higher achievement.

That’s why self-assessment is so crucial for students and why many teachers (offline or online) wholeheartedly endorse this fruitful practice worldwide.

If you believe self-assessment will help you improve your learning and overall skills and capabilities, then here are 5 L&D (learning & development) educational tools to use immediately.

This post indexes and explains each of these online assessment tools lucidly. So continue reading!

5 Educational Tools to Help Students Assess Their Abilities & Skills

1.      Socrative

First on our list is Socrative – one of the most favoured online assessment tools for teachers, students and parents. 

The tool is easy to use and allows you to set quizzes, answer them, grade them and perform an overall assessment on-demand at lightning speed.

Moreover, parents and teachers can create full quizzes for in-depth learning, shuffle questions and even preserve them for future use. Furthermore, teachers can also use it to provide instant feedback, check the class count and even create polls.

The tool is compatible with all smart devices, be it windows, android or iOS. Plus, it is free for students (& others) to use. 

2.      Mentimeter

Second, on our list of learning and development educational tools is Mentimeter. It comes feature-laden with lots of goodies to help augment students’ course-centric skills and abilities. 

Students will find lots of educational templates. The tool also includes assessments for improving their active listening skills, ice-breakers, pools, formative assessments, post-lecture assessments, etc. 

That’s not all.

Students can also set quizzes and tests (as per their suitability) to evaluate their knowledge, manage their expectations and even engage with other students. 

The tool is free and comes with an easy interface. But, of course, it also comes with a pro version for schools/colleges/universities to add question slide presentations, countless quizzes and lots more.

The tool can also be used by parents or tuition teachers to monitor the learner’s performance.

3.      Pools Everywhere

If you wish to assess your learning every step, Pools Everywhere is another effective online tool. 

Much like the ones mentioned, this tool has a simple user interface. It allows users/students to participate in quizzes and measure their grades and improvements over time at their comfortable pace. 

This impressively adaptive tool easily integrates with notable applications like MS PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote. Moreover, this tool is also compatible with android and iOS smart devices. 

Students can take a snapshot of areas they need to improve. Plus, they or their parents or teachers can create questions or quizzes in word clouds, open student responses or even in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format. 

This tool is an excellent medium to steer students in the right learning direction and improve their skills and abilities.

4.      Kahoot

This is arguably the most popular learning and development tool on our list. And with good reasons too!

Students simple love ‘Kahoot’ for its game-simulation approach to acquiring proper learning and conducting accurate assessment. The tool features approximately 40 million learning games to use. Moreover, it also allows students or their tutors /parents to create their educational games within minutes.

Moreover, respective students can easily create their kahoots and share them with their peers to entice interactive engagement. They can also import critical quizzes or questions from spreadsheets. Plus; the tool provides them with a 500 million item question bank to take advantage of. 

That’s not all.

If you intend to add drawings or merge mini kahoots to your large-sized assignment, you can do that without fuss. You can also incorporate YouTube videos into your lesson plan to spice things up.

Another impressive aspect here is that the assignment games are timed, and you can even download the rudimentary assessment report as a spreadsheet. 

The tool is free and compatible with iOS and Android smart devices.

5.      Google Forms

In addition to the above names, Google Forms is another online self-assessment tool to improve your learning and development. 

The tool is very straightforward to use. And it is also a common preference among countless students and teachers worldwide. 

The tool offers respective users (teacher, parent, even the student) to create MC (Multiple choice) quizzes and establish an answer key with assignment points for every short quiz or question.

It makes it easy for learners to present answers to each set of quizzes by hitting the drop-down option and entering a quick text answer.

They can even browse through graphs, course/topic summaries and solutions to questions repeatedly missed out or unanswered. 

In simple terms, students can get a quick recapitulation of their entire subject course. What’s more, the tool also allows students to easily share their grades with their friends.

Final Lines 

There you have it – top 5 online educational L&D tools for students to perform self-assessment. However, they can also be used by their parents and tuition teachers- as per necessity.

Each online free tool is engaging, guarantees proper learning and skill improvement and provides accurate assessment outcomes every time. 

So, don’t overthink this. Instead, try these tools out today, and decide for yourself.

And of course, remember; if you do get stuck with an assignment or essay paper (regardless of the subject or its topic) unhesitantly reach out to professional research paper writing service experts.

They will be happy to write it down flawlessly, send it to you via email and ensure you get the grades you deserve.

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Charles Reiley is a full time academic research paper writing specialist associated with for half a decade. He loves to teach and deliver on-demand assignment solutions to students needing help with English, History, Science, Sociology and Law. Charley is a free-spirited men who enjoys the simple pleasures of life and loves to travel to far-off remote locations to unwind and communicate with Mother Nature.

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Top 5 Defence Lawyers in Edinburgh



Defence Lawyers in Edinburgh (2)

Have you been accused of committing a crime? You should hire an experienced, skilled defence lawyer in such a situation since they are well-versed in handling it. Today, we’re sharing our picks for the top law firms with the best defence lawyers in Edinburgh, Scotland. The results are primarily based on client feedback, but other factors such as credentials, experience, and famous cases are also considered. Let’s get started.

Best Defence Lawyers in Edinburgh, Scotland

We have listed below the law firms known for being home to some of Edinburgh’s best criminal defence lawyers.

O’Neill Defence

Peter O’Neill founded O’Neill Defence in 2007 after graduating from the University of Edinburgh. Providing professional representation and preparing clients’ defences for their clients in Edinburg, Scotland, is an honour for them. Obtaining the best outcome for your case requires an honest and open relationship between you and your solicitor.

Their knowledge of criminal law and traffic law services can be extremely helpful to you in preparing a strong defence against your adversary. O’Neill Defence is committed to providing the best possible legal counsel and outcomes, no matter the situation.

You can trust O’Neill Defence as the best defence lawyer in Edinburgh, Scotland if you are looking for a defence lawyer.

Paterson Bell

The Paterson Bell firm is one of Edinburgh, Scotland’s most reputable defence law firms. The firm’s defence attorneys have a successful defence record in criminal cases before the High Court, Sheriff Court, and Court of Appeal.

They provide all types of legal assistance as a licensed legal aid provider. You will be aware of your financial situation if you do not qualify for Legal Aid, as their solicitors will assist you for a fixed fee. Having them on your side will increase your chances of getting the most favourable result.

MBS Solicitors

MBS Solicitors will be your best option if you’re looking for a defence law firm. Your reputation and prospects could be severely damaged if you are being investigated or prosecuted for a crime. Therefore, they offer a full range of services, starting with the initial consultation and ending with court representation.

Upon request, their team will provide you with information about your rights and options. In addition to representing private individuals, they also represent businesses. It doesn’t matter how serious your matter is; we handle it properly and confidentially.

CN Defence Lawyers

Matthew Nicholson has been practising criminal defence law since the early 1990s. He founded CN Defence lawyers in 2002 after achieving great success here. Solicitors in the firm have years of experience in criminal defence and are well-known and respected in the legal community.

They aim to provide guidance and defence to anyone being investigated or charged with a crime. One of their defence attorneys from Edinburgh will explain what to expect. They will protect your rights. They will keep your information confidential.

They will guide and advise you before, during, and after each hearing. Their knowledge and experience will help them represent you effectively based on your directions.

BCKM Solicitors

BCKM is another leading defence lawyers’ firm in Edinburgh, Scotland. BCKM’s defence solicitors have more than 80 years of combined experience representing clients in criminal court and tribunal proceedings. From police questioning to case resolution, they understand and thoroughly examine every aspect of the criminal procedure at every stage. Regardless of how complex, difficult, or seemingly simple the situation is, they provide skilled and knowledgeable assistance.

Final Words

That’s all for today’s roundup of the best defence lawyers in Edinburgh, Scotland. Above in the post, we have highlighted some of the best defence law firms in Edinburgh for you to get legal help. In our top picks, we recommend that you follow O’Neill Defence if you need reliable legal assistance with criminal or traffic law. If so, get in touch with us for more details.

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