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Must Watch Movies For An Entrepreneur



1.Wolf of The Wall Street (2013)

This controversial might not have provided Leonardo De Caprio with any academic awards but it rewarded with immense support from young entrepreneurs and self-employed youngsters who are successful in their own ways this movie gives important lessons regarding the fact that you can achieve a lot through your hard work but if you can’t control your habits and you can’t respect law these things will put a speed breaker in your path especially drugs, womanising and violating laws might not be good for your big-time dream.

2.Flash of Genius (2008)

Every entrepreneur must watch this movie to understand why it’s important to protect your ideas from being stolen.

3.Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

This classic movie shows the struggle and beginnings of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as they built their tech empires.

4.MoneyBall (2011)

Demonstrates how entrepreneurs who put efforts in work and make well researched and educational decisions gain immense success.

Also some lessons such as –

1. Having startup capital doesn’t automatically mean success.

2.Working with a partner can bring other ideas and a different perspective on the problems

3.Try new methods of approach

5 . Joy (2015)

It is a movie about perseverance and overcoming business problems through hard work and dedication. It showcases how using different marketing and platforms can boost sales and brand awareness on large scale.

6.The Founder ( 2016 )

One of the best movies for those in the sales and marketing sectors. The giant food chain Mc Donald’s is known worldwide. This movie is about the two brothers who started the company and the man who actually founded the global food chain.

7.Wall Street (1987)

One of the best business movies of all time for young money brokers. It highlights both the emotional highs and devastating lows of being a part of the business world.

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Håvard Haukeland and his innovative startup SpaceMaker AI



Håvard Haukeland is a fruitful tech business person who is the CEO and fellow benefactor of SpaceMaker AI, an organization that built up a game-changing AI innovation that assists clients with finding more astute approaches to expand the capability of a structure site. It empowers a phenomenal degree of knowledge and a collective work process among planners, engineers, land designers, and districts.

Subsequent to moving on from The Norwegian School, Haukeland worked at Seefood TV as a chief and scriptwriter. Haukeland likewise worked himself as an assistant at Dahle and Breitenstein Arkitekter and Space Group Company, a globally experienced engineering and configuration firm situated in Oslo, Norway. In 2013, he functioned as an engineer at Element Arkitekter, a little Norwegian office, profoundly credited for their prize-winning activities particularly Infill projects in the metropolitan setting.

Håvard Haukeland and Carl Christensen helped to establish Spacemaker AI in late 2016. In late 2017, there was an article that said that their computerized arrangement was a feature of a 4-year logical examination project with assistance from among others Stor-Oslo Eiendom, AF Eiendom, Aspelin Ramm, and SINTEF. Spacemaker AI had then won as much as 15 million Norwegian kroner ($1.8 million) from The Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway, and Simula Research Laboratory to build up their computerized arrangement.

In October 2017, the organization had filled in one year into a little organization with 20 workers. In September 2017, financial backers came together to fund 22 million Norwegian kroner in the organization. The Norwegian authority bunch in CBRE chose to fund with CBRE being probably the biggest specialist in a business property recorded in New York.


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The Achiever Mind of Prakash Sikchi behind the success of Inspirock



Prakash Sikchi is the Co-Founder at Inspirock. He has over 20 years of innovative experience, represents considerable authority in AI, huge information, and disseminated frameworks; he holds in excess of 20 licenses. At Microsoft, he drove improvement on undertakings like Bing Mobile and Azure Cloud.

Inspirock is a creative online outing arranging stage that makes excursion arranging quick, fun and simple. Fueled by the most recent advances in huge information and AI, our exploration bot and arranging motor form a point by point, customized, touring plan for any city, country, or area on the planet. Clients can redo this arrangement, book it, and team up with their co-voyagers.

Inspirock was established in 2012 and is settled in Palo Alto, CA. The financial backers incorporate MakeMyTrip, and unmistakable financial backers from Silicon Valley. Inspirock’s group has 100+ long stretches of industry experience in Big Data, Machine Learning, and Consumer Experiences, and in excess of 25 licenses. Inspirock accepts that movement makes the world a superior spot and supports Travelers For Peace. Inspirock was chosen as the most inventive organization by Brand USA in 2016.

As understudy at Stanford University in 1991, Prakash Sikchi with his colleague Anoop Goyal fortified over their enthusiasm for movement. Over the long run, they moved on from unconstrained single guys exploring excursions to coordinated family occasions with their life partners and children.

Seeing a need to work on the outing arranging measure, the thought for Inspirock was conceived while they were on one of their undertakings. Roosted on a stone sitting above Inspiration Lake in the Eastern Cascades in Washington state. Inspirock incorporates both a motivation and a dream. It is established in the conviction that movement generally interfaces us all and assists individuals with finding themselves.



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Twitter Marketing Expert and a renowned Podcaster, Madalyn Sklar



Madalyn Sklar is a sequential business visionary, local area developer, and driving Twitter showcasing master. With 25 years of advanced advertising experience and 16 years of web-based media promoting added to her repertoire, it’s nothing unexpected she’s been positioned as the #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston.

She is enthusiastic around a certain something: showing individuals like business people, advertisers, and so on the most proficient method to accomplish rockstar results with their online media, particularly Twitter. What’s more, she motivates them to make a move and “Just Do It.” She accomplishes this by creating techniques that work. Her maxim is “Work Smarter Not Harder.” She lives by this and instructs it to others consistently.

In 1996 she established GoGirlsMusic which developed into the most seasoned and biggest online local area of female artists. She fundamentally began an interpersonal organization before we understood what that was.

Likewise in 1996, she became one of the primary website specialists in Houston, TX, helping organizations of all shapes and sizes jump into the website world. In 2011 she began #ggchat, a lively Twitter visit for her GoGirlsMusic people group. It immediately developed into the biggest gathering of non-mainstream artists and music business experts on the stage, producing over 115K tweets a year.

In June 2015 she dispatched the #TwitterSmarter Podcast. It’s a web recording where she meets astounding movers and shakers in the realm of web-based media and internet advertising.

Every week Madalyn has the #TwitterSmarter Twitter visit that unites many individuals in a functioning one-hour conversation rotating around Twitter showcasing.

Since dispatching just about six years prior, it has reached more than 12 billion impressions. Madalyn likewise talks with driving online media and advertising specialists for her TwitterSmarter digital broadcast and co-has the Communities That Convert webcast with Kami Huyse. Huffington Post has named Madalyn one of 50 Women Entrepreneurs to follow.


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