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First Indian Food Blogger: Nikhil Chawla

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In Dec 2016 a two and a half minute video of Nandlal Chole Bhature went viral and received 10 lakh views within a few days. That’s how many people came to know about Hmmm. One of the biggest names in food blogging is Nikhil Chawla. More than a youtube vlog creator he is a food fanatic which gives him an instant and strong connection with his audience. He is also the first video food blogger of India and he takes immense pride in this.

He started food vlogging as a part-timer and was working in the real estate sector. Therefore for many of his clients, he had to visit many restaurants then in 2012, he was introduced to Zomato reviews those days the concept of food blogging was not strong. Within one year of being a Zomato reviewer he became quite a successful reviewer in Delhi in the latter half of 2012 he was the best reviewer present in Delhi.

In 2013 he came up with an idea of starting his own platform and that’s how he started his Facebook page and his website after some time. Things were going good till 2016 until one day he watched a show on Netflix which inspired him to start the video blogging on youtube

His one advice to all the youngsters who want to give a try to youtube is that they should do it as a part-time job and always take a job along with it. It will help them to be financially stable at the initial days of their channel. Once they notice that their youtube income is twice or thrice their job’s salary they can immediately leave their job. But till then always try to do two things at a time for financial assurance.

He says that in taste-wise and price-wise, he found Kolkata and Amritsar the best place to visit for food and delicious cuisines.

Earlier, before the lockdown happened HMM charged a promotional amount to promote Food carts and vendors but he came up with an idea of not taking this promotional fee and he is now promoting different cafes and restaurants for free in this time of the pandemic.

He is a true example of pure soul and a result of truly hard work.


5 Sustainable Solutions for Food Storage

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Food storage

Food storage plays a significant role in your daily life, whether it’s leftovers, meal prepping, or keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. However, the excessive use of single-use plastics and disposable containers has led to a growing environmental concern. Thankfully, sustainable alternatives like beeswax food wraps allow you to store your food without compromising the planet’s health. So, the following points will explore various sustainable solutions for food storage that help reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices.

1.     Glass Containers

Glass containers have gained immense popularity as a sustainable solution for food storage. In contrast to plastic containers, glass containers are non-toxic, free from BPA, and do not release detrimental chemicals into the food. Moreover, glass containers exhibit durability and are safe for use in microwaves and dishwashers. With their transparent nature, they allow for easy identification of the contents. They provide a clear view of the stored food. Glass containers are perfect for storing leftovers, meal preps, and pantry items, providing a safe and sustainable alternative to plastic containers.

2.     Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless steel containers are another sustainable choice for food storage. They are lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and stains. Stainless steel does not react with acidic or oily foods, ensuring the integrity and flavour of the stored food. These containers store soups, salads, sandwiches, and other on-the-go meals. Moreover, they are easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and can be used for years, eliminating the need for disposable containers.

3.     Silicone Storage Bags

Silicone storage bags are an innovative and reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags. Made from food-grade silicone, these bags are durable, flexible, and heat-resistant. They are perfect for storing snacks, sandwiches, and freezer items. Silicone bags are airtight and leak-proof, keeping your food fresh and preventing spills. You can use and wash them countless times, significantly reducing plastic waste in your kitchen.

4.     Mason Jars

Mason jars have been a classic choice for food storage and preservation for decades. They are made of materials like glass and come in various sizes, allowing for versatile storage options. Mason jars store homemade jams, pickles, sauces, and dry goods like grains and beans. They are reusable, easy to clean, and can be repurposed for other uses. With their timeless charm and eco-friendly nature, mason jars offer a sustainable solution for food storage.

5.     Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are another eco-friendly option for food storage. Crafted from organic cotton and coated with a blend of beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, these wraps offer a versatile solution. They are suitable for covering bowls, encasing sandwiches, and sealing cut fruits and vegetables, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly food storage practices. Beeswax wraps are malleable and can be moulded using the warmth of your hands. They create a breathable barrier that helps preserve the freshness of the food. These wraps are reusable and can last up to a year with proper care.

In a world where single-use plastics are causing significant harm to the environment, it’s crucial to embrace sustainable solutions for food storage. Reusable food wraps, glass containers, stainless steel containers, silicone storage bags, mason jars, and beeswax food wraps are all excellent alternatives that reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices. By incorporating these sustainable options into your daily lives, you can positively impact the environment while still effectively storing your food. It’s essential to choose materials that are non-toxic, durable, and reusable, allowing people to reduce the amount of waste they generate.

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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bubble Tea Franchise

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Bubble tea

Bubble tea has become increasingly popular worldwide, so its franchises have become a popular business opportunity. Owning a bubble tea franchise can be a great way to capitalise on this growing trend and become a part of the thriving beverage industry. However, several factors must be considered before investing to ensure that you choose the right one for your needs. This article will discuss the factors to consider when choosing the right franchise.

  • Brand Reputation

The brand’s reputation is an essential factor to consider when choosing any franchise. You want to select a franchise with a strong brand reputation and a loyal customer base. Research the franchise’s history, online reviews, and social media presence to understand how well-respected the brand is.

  • Menu Offerings

The menu offerings of the franchise are another essential factor to consider. You want to choose a franchise that offers a wide range of menu items and can cater to a diverse customer base. Ensuring that the menu offerings align with your personal and taste preferences is also essential.

  • Franchise Fees

The franchise fees associated with owning any franchise are an essential consideration. These include an initial franchise fee, ongoing royalties, and advertising fees. It is necessary to understand the costs associated with the franchise and ensure that they are within your budget.

  • Training and Support

The franchise’s level of training and support is another essential factor to consider. You want to choose a franchise offering comprehensive training programs for the owner and staff. Besides, it is necessary to ensure that the franchise provides ongoing support to ensure the business’s success. The franchise’s level of training and support can impact the company’s success.

  • Location and Demographics

The location and demographics of the franchise’s target market are essential factors to consider. You want to choose a franchise in an area with high foot traffic and a diverse customer base. Additionally, ensuring that the franchise’s target market aligns with your personal interests and business goals is essential. Please check winning parameters such as zoning regulations, growth potential, demographic trends, foot trends, accessibility, competition, etc.

  • Competition

The local market competition level is another essential factor to consider. You want to choose a bubble tea franchise that has a unique value proposition and can stand out in a crowded market. Additionally, it is essential to research the competition in the area and ensure that the franchise can compete effectively.

  • Growth Potential

The growth potential of the franchise is another vital consideration. You want to choose a franchise that has the potential to grow and expand in the future. Additionally, ensuring that the franchise’s growth potential aligns with your personal business goals and aspirations is essential.

  • Culture and Values

Finally, the culture and values of the franchise are essential considerations. You want to choose a franchise that aligns with your values and beliefs. Additionally, ensuring that the franchise’s culture promotes a positive and inclusive work environment is vital.

Choosing the right bubble tea franchise is an important decision that requires careful consideration of several factors. It is crucial to consider the brand reputation, menu offerings, franchise fees, training and support, location and demographics, competition, growth potential, and culture and values of the franchise before making a decision. By considering these factors, you can ensure that you choose a franchise that aligns with your personal interests and business goals and has the potential to be successful in a competitive market.

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Making Nation Eat Healthy with A Diabetic Chef, Harsh Kedia

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Harsh Kedia

Harsh Kedia is the founder and CEO of A diabetic Chef, a food business that manufactures and distributes sugar-free chocolates, spreads, and gummies. The sugar-free black and white Belgian chocolates made by Kedia, sold in more than 150 locations in India and on 60 e-commerce platforms, are the company’s most well-liked goods, according to Kedia. Kedia, an author, and speaker at TEDx aims to turn his business into a one-stop shop for all things related to diabetes.

Harsh is a former cook who is now an entrepreneur, educator, motivational speaker, and writer. He has started and co-founded numerous enterprises, therefore he is an expert at turning all of his side projects into successful companies. His passion for instructing and sharing knowledge has always driven him to work harder every day, whether it be in marketing or baking.

Due to his early problems, he is well known for speaking out about mental health concerns and has been invited to give presentations on numerous occasions. He has given guest lectures at prestigious universities like IIM Indore, ISB Hyderabad, IIM Calcutta, JBIMS, NMIMS, etc.. The world’s first cookbook on sugar-free desserts, “Ultimate SugarFree Desserts,” which contains more than 50 recipes, was just released by him. Kedia claims that It took him seven years to gather all of his recipes, effort, and knowledge from doctors, nutritionists, and food scientists. They have started making the only real line of chocolates for people with diabetes in India. These have been specially developed for those with diabetes, PCOS, and other medical conditions. These are the greatest Belgian dark chocolates with stevia added, according to Kedia, and they are available in India’s markets from October 2020.

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