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Most Prominent Helping hand of the Gurjar Society, Chairman Jitendar Gurjar




Chairman Jitendar Gurjar is a famous politician and Social Worker from Karawal Nagar, Delhi. He’s continually being a renowned character in each event climate it is Competition, Tournament or any Fashion Show

He is a well-known lawmaker from his space and he is likewise a prestigious entertainer. He has a decent fan following on Instagram with right around 5000 adherents.

Jitendar Chairman consistently needed to procure distinction by his Work, Nature, and Support. Since he released his first Video “KAALI JUTTI” and furthermore he got an astonishing reaction on his first work. Furthermore, Promised to all Supporters that he will save proceeding to make such stunning Video Songs for their Lovers, Supporters. For the most part the Song “KAALI JUTTI ” is Sung by Ankush Thakur and Starring by Jitendar Chairman. This Video is produced under the banner of Dynamite World.

He’s constantly welcomed as a Chief visitor and discussing their public activity he’s simply a straightforward man with aiding nature and a known character too. Recently he helped poor individuals and transients in this Global Pandemic by assisting them with food sources, fundamental things like dry proportions and by a lot more things, From numerous days he served Milk to destitute people groups who can’t bear even a milk to take care of their youngsters’ with his dad Ch. Keshav Gurjar.

He imagines that hours don’t matter for social assistance, as long as he can serve individuals. He accepts that it’s an honour to have the option to help individuals in this emergency. His religion has instructed him to place others before himself.

He loves to serve the destitute, regardless of what the conditions are. Nothing enormous about this, he feels that he is simply performing his responsibility and needs to take care of more individuals regularly. He needs to ensure no one dozes hungry.


Keshav Jha: A Dynamic Leader in Marketing Management and Youth Politics



Keshav Jha

In the bustling metropolis of South Delhi, where tradition meets modernity, one name stands out as a dynamic force in both the business and political spheres – Keshav Jha. With a career in marketing management within the printing industry and a prominent role as a young youth leader in the South Delhi Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), Keshav Jha is a multifaceted individual making waves in his community and industry. This article sheds light on the remarkable journey of Keshav Jha, highlighting his accomplishments and contributions to both fields.

Marketing Management in the Printing Industry

Keshav Jha’s journey in the world of marketing management began with a passion for the printing industry. He recognized the potential and significance of this sector in a digital age and was determined to make a difference. Armed with a degree in marketing management, Keshav joined a reputable printing equipment company.

His expertise and dedication quickly made him a rising star in the industry. Keshav’s ability to understand market trends, identify opportunities, and build strong client relationships set him apart. He played a pivotal role in expanding the company’s reach and enhancing its brand image.

In a rapidly evolving industry, Keshav Jha’s innovative marketing strategies and commitment to quality have helped printing equipment companies remain competitive. His tireless efforts have contributed to the growth and sustainability of businesses within the printing sector.

Youth Leadership in South Delhi BJYM

Beyond his corporate success, Keshav Jha is a passionate advocate for youth engagement and political participation. He has been an active member of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s youth wing, the BJYM, for several years. His dedication and leadership qualities have earned him the role of District Vice President for South Delhi BJYM.

In this capacity, Keshav Jha plays a crucial role in mobilizing young people, promoting the party’s ideology, and participating in grassroots political activities. He believes that the youth are the future of the nation and should be actively involved in shaping its destiny.

Keshav’s role as District Vice President has allowed him to bridge the gap between the youth and politics, encouraging greater civic participation and awareness among South Delhi’s young population. His tireless efforts have resulted in increased youth engagement in political discourse and activities.

In Keshav Jha’s journey, one significant source of inspiration and guidance in the realm of politics is his uncle, Mahesh Mishra. Mahesh Mishra, a distinguished figure in the Bharatiya Janata Party, currently holds the esteemed position of District Minister within the party and has previously been a prominent MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) candidate representing the BJP from the Sangam Vihar Ward. Keshav often cites his uncle as his role model in politics, admiring his dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to the welfare of the community. Mahesh Mishra’s achievements and contributions to the BJP and the local community have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Keshav’s own political aspirations and commitment to public service. It’s a testament to the influence of strong familial bonds and mentorship within the world of Indian politics.

Balancing Two Worlds

Balancing a demanding career in marketing management with his role as a youth leader is no small feat, but Keshav Jha manages to do so with finesse. He understands that the skills he acquires in the corporate world, such as leadership, negotiation, and communication, are directly transferable to his role in politics.

Keshav’s ability to bridge the gap between these two worlds is a testament to his dedication and adaptability. He believes that the principles of marketing, such as understanding your audience and delivering value, can be applied to political campaigns as well.


Keshav Jha’s journey as a marketing management professional and a youth leader in South Delhi BJYM is a shining example of the impact an individual can make in multiple spheres. His dedication to the printing industry has helped businesses thrive in a competitive market, while his involvement in politics has empowered the youth and strengthened the party’s presence in South Delhi.

Keshav Jha serves as an inspiration to young professionals and aspiring leaders, proving that with determination, passion, and a commitment to excellence, one can excel in diverse fields and contribute positively to both the business world and the community at large. His journey is a testament to the power of dedication and the potential for making a meaningful impact on society.

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Meet Vinit Sardhana – The Political Leader, Artist, And Business Person



Vinit Sardhana

Everyone wants to make their own identity at some point of time in their life and many of them also achieve it, by doing something extraordinary at such a small age, Vinit Sardhana proved that Age is just a number, Sadhana is from Fatehpur Village in South Delhi, India. He is well known as the lion of the Gujjar fraternity. He belongs to the Gujjar community.

At the age of 23 Sardhana wins the election of Block Level Institution and still elected as Block Level Institution, Vinit has also done many Shoots & Song Video and the most interesting part is along with all He’s a Successful Business Person.

And one more interesting thing is that he is really Good Social Worker as well he loves to help the poor and needy and also has deep love for stray animals. His love is so deep and pure.

He has always believed that there are 2 kinds of human nature- A dreamer and a Doer and so he proved to be a successful Doer, He always supports and encourages youth a lot and also encourages them to be healthy instead of intoxicated. Apart from this, he is always active on his social media platform and having a big fan base.

Follow Vinit Sardhana: INSTAGRAM

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One of the Main Pillar for the establishment of the Aam Aadmi Party, Dilip Pandey



Dilip Pandey

Dilip Pandey is a renoy Indian politician and Member of the Legislative Assembly addressing the Timarpur Vidhan Sabha body electorate in the Delhi Legislative Assembly. He was the Convenor of the Delhi Unit of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He took over as the convenor of the Delhi unit in July 2014and presented his renunciation in April 2017 after AAP’s loss in the MCD races.

Born and raised in Zamania, a little tehsil in UP, Dilip Pandey completed his Master in Computer Application from the Rajeev Gandhi Technical University of Bhopal in 2005 and was functioning as an IT engineer in Hong Kong when he came in contact with India Against Corruption development drove by Anna Hazare.

The Hazare-drove development had started in 2011 when many instances of debasement by government functionaries had surfaced. This development requested responsibility through the Jan Lokpal, an autonomous association exploring instances of debasement. This development prompted numerous brokers, IT specialists, and other corporate occupation holders to stop their callings and jump into legislative and political issues. This huge forced movement later brought forth an ideological group which was named AAP and driven by any semblance of Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Yogendra Yadav, and different pioneers.

Under his co-convenorship, the AAP won 67 out of 70 seats in the 2015 Delhi get-together races. He filled in as the authority Spokesperson of the Aam Aadmi Party from 2014 till date. Dilip has been designated as the Aam Aadmi Party’s Incharge of Delhi’s North-East Lok Sabha voting demographic for the 2019 General Elections. MLA Dilip Pandey was selected as Aam Aadmi Party’s central whip in the Delhi Assembly in March 202 Dilip Pandey is additionally the writer of two books named  ‘Dahleez Par Dill‘, in view of his political and social experience, and Khulti Girahein, which discusses five ladies characters and their life battles.

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