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Author, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur and the Founder Of Like Minded Females, Sonya Barlow



Sonya Barlow

Sonya Barlow is a TEDx speaker, diversity coach, author of Unprepared to Entrepreneur, Linkedin Changemaker 2021, and host of The Everyday Hustle (BBC Asian Network). Sonya is also the founder of Like Minded Females (LMF Network CIC), a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to empowering and educating women and minorities in the IT, business, and digital industries.

When the COVID-19 epidemic hit at the start of 2020, Sonya Barlow found herself jobless. Like-Minded Females Network (LMF) was founded by the London-based award-winning diversity campaigner and author in 2018 as a small initiative to bring together women from various backgrounds for career and confidence chats over brunch meetings.
LMF provides mentoring, community forums, and corporate consulting services to help educate and promote underrepresented individuals in the workplace. It also focuses on bridging the skills gap and developing inclusive cultures to address the problems women face in negotiating the workplace. Even during the pandemic time, Sonia led over 200 seminars and built the LMF Network to a global social group of over 50,000 women on her own.

She is introducing an ambassador programme to allow people from all around the world to participate, as they presently serve 84 markets, including India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico.
Sonya is also the founder of her own diversity consulting firm, where she focuses on inclusive cultures, change management, and workplace confidence. Sonya is respected for her public speaking abilities, which include giving two TEDxTalks, organizing workshops for the United Nations General Assembly, and delivering important comments at European conferences.

Sonya has been named a Rising Star (2017), a UK Tech Business Woman of the Year Finalist (2018), a Pitchfanzine Winner (2019), and a finalist in the TechWomen200 (2019). She is passionate about fostering inclusive cultures, teaching life skills, and instilling confidence in others so that they can achieve personal achievement. Her Ted talk, “Failures Come Before Resilience,” is now available on YouTube at Sonyabarlowuk.


A Global Business Consultant and An Author Who Desires To Share Knowledge, Tolga Akcay



The pandemic has hastened the rise of robotics, digitization, and the emergence of Industry 4.0, which focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Industry 4.0 embodies these systems and incorporates greater human intelligence.

Experts from all over the world, such as Tolga Akcay, who specializes in developing tailor-made solutions that help businesses succeed, are living and prospering in this new era. Tolga works in Business Consulting, advising global corporations on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and digitization. As a business consultant, he ensures that global corporate connections are established that can easily and quickly ally with all of the world’s top executives.

He collaborates directly with business owners and managers to provide expert solutions to IT specialists, marketing specialists, and manufacturers in order to improve overall operations. Because he can only draw on an international network of over 200 companies and freelance experts who work directly in analysis, programming, enforcement, and marketing with expert solutions, all of his efforts are focused on ensuring the company’s continued growth.

Tolga’s goal as a business consultant is to identify business owners’ problems and provide them with a comprehensive picture of their company.

With the successful books The Blockchain Compass – Welcome To The World Of Blockchain and The AI Compass – Welcome To The World Of Artificial Intelligence, he has put his knowledge to paper. The Fate Of Globalization – In The New World Order by the author is already generating a lot of interest (about the consequences of the Ukraine War, Industry 4.0).

Tolga Akcay is a great supporter to sharing the information that you need to improve the encounters and lives of people around you, which is the reason he decides not to desire these important data but rather to share it all things being equal

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Aim Driven Women and An Entrepreneur, Zarina Screwvala



Zarina Screwvala

Zarina Screwvala is an Indian businesswoman and philanthropist who founded the Swades Foundation and serves as its Managing Trustee full-time. Swades Foundation, formerly known as SHARE (Society to Heal Aid Restore Educate), is dedicated to empowering rural India through holistic and sustainable growth by forming partnerships with rural India, corporates, young India, the government, and other foundations to effect long-term, irreversible change.

She went to India from the United States when she was eight years old and completed her education at J.B. Petit School for Girls, as well as earning a Bachelor’s degree from Xavier’s Institute of Communications. She began her work as a production manager for a play directed by a well-known theater director Pearl Padamsee.
She co-founded UTV with Ronnie and their business partner Deven Khote in 1990, which aired India’s first-ever reality show, Saanp Seedi, in 1992. The company that is now Disney UTV was formerly one of India’s most powerful media and entertainment companies. UTV Bindass, UTV Stars, UTV Action, and Hungama TV are just a few of the hugely successful broadcast companies she has helped develop. She also oversaw the conception and launch of Astro Ceria, a popular kids’ channel in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Zarina founded UTV’s CSR arm, Society to Heal, Aid, Restore, and Educate (SHARE), in 2004 to empower people in Maharashtra’s villages. SHARE was renamed Swades Foundation in 2012, and it is committed solely to rural empowerment in Maharashtra’s Raigad and Ratnagiri districts.
Zarina’s major goal with the organization is to educate and teach a million individuals to raise themselves out of poverty. Her foundation is dedicated to four main areas: health and nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and economic development. Swades Foundation has reached out to 2700 hamlets/villages in Maharashtra’s Raigad and Nashik districts since 2013. Engage, empower, execute, and exit are the foundation’s 4E strategies.

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Meet Arash Tahami E-Commerce Expert



Arash Tahami and E-Commerce

People who deal with e-commerce know Arash Tahami very well as he is widely reputed. In this essay, Arash talks about e-commerce, followed by its pros and cons.

“E-commerce is trading different goods and services or the exchange of information and financial resources through an electronic network, especially the Internet,” says Arash.

The History of E-Commerce

Mr. Tahami added: “The advent of E-Commerce dates back to the 1960s, when industries used electronic data interchange (EDI) to share their business documents with other companies. In 1979, the American National Standards Institute introduced the ASC X12 standard as the global standard for sharing business documents via electronic networks. After the rise of electronic document sharing in the 1980s, the e-commerce industry was revolutionized in the 1990s with eBay and Amazon markets.”

The trading forms of E-Commerce based on Arash:

  1. Business-to-business (B2B)
  2. Business-to-consumer (B2C)
  3. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)
  4. Consumer to Business (C2B)
  5. Business-to-administration (B2A)
  6. Consumer-to-administration (C2A)

The Advantages of E-Commerce

  1. Permanent Access

Online shops are available 24/7, allowing customers to make purchases at their most convenient time.

  • Quick Access

Online stores can open quickly in just a few seconds, and you can complete your shopping in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

  • Broad Access

Thanks to E-Commerce, businesses can send products in the repository to customers, and there is no need to store any goods in the company’s head office.

  • Easy Accessibility

With e-commerce, all you need to do is to browse the website menus or use the search bar.

  • International Access

Anyone with ordinary access to the Internet can get the product they want from wherever they like.

  • Low Costs

Currently, many storing expenses and human resources to maintain the physical place are reduced or eliminated.

Disadvantages of E-commerce

  1. Customer service restrictions

It is possible for an online store to activate its support system only at certain hours or to put customers in lines.

  • Inability to try on the product

Although images of a product offered in online stores can be an excellent guide, these pictures are not comparable to seeing the product closely.

  • The time gap between orders and deliveries

As opposed to traditional stores, in online stores, after completing the purchase process, it takes a while to reach the customer.

According to Arash Tahami, e-commerce assists your business by lowering costs and facilitating the initial operation. You can also consider e-commerce a beneficial tool and add it to your enterprise. In conclusion, besides enjoying the advantages of traditional stores, you can use e-commerce to develop your business capacity and boost your income.

Arash Tahami mainly works in e-commerce, develops strategies for branding and marketing, import/export various items, logistics, Crypto currency and NFT. Furthermore, he is really into supercars, parties, clubbing, fashion and music.

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